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Leadership Winner's Circle 

For:  C-Suite, Board Chairs, Presidents, and Management  level executives ready to advance personally and professionally.  Empowering others is the focus.  Tapping into hidden and unused abilities to push peak potential and drive results is the outcome.  We draw on the insights, awareness, and challenges both happening and foreseen to make choices that minimize down-time, ensure productivity, and encourage growth. 
Expecting results beyond our expectations is the mindset. 
HOW? - Click the link below to join
WHERE? - meet online via Zoom
WHEN? - on the first and third Monday of the month 
at Noon CST - adjust for your time zone
Allow 90 minutes - calls go from 60 - 90 minutes 

Holding oneself to higher standards and leading with integrity Is the aim.

The Winner's Circle is where like-minded, experienced and influential experts gather to expand their knowledge, advance their potential, and increase their impact.    You'll be surrounded by a group of peers who have your back and best interest at heart.  A circle of support, encouragement, problem-solving, and solutions.   A circle of power, potential and purpose to bring you exactly what you need every time.  

The Winner's Circle is where top-level, high-achieving leaders gather to learn, share, and connect with peers, ideas, and insight to experience new levels of achievement and success.  Let's face it if we are not advancing now -- we are left behind because our outer reality is advancing faster than we can keep pace.   

These Circles are for high-achieving successful individuals who "play full out" to contribute, increase, and prosper with a we before me mentality.   The full power of the circle creates wins for all.   

Join NOW 
Two Options - Full Year or Monthly Payments

Note:  monthly rates are subject to change at anytime.  To Pay-in-Full locks you in for one-year. 

HOW? -Register below to join
? on the First and Third Monday of the month
At NOON CST (convert for your time zone)
?  Meet online via Zoom
(your need to know specifics)

Join NOW 
Two Options - Full Year or Monthly Payments

Note:   monthly rates are subject to change at any time.   To Pay-in-Full locks you in for one-year.  


Technology is advancing faster than we can keep pace.  This circle offers empowering, expansive, and evolutionary ways to sharpen your awareness to both the 'bigger picture view" and the detail to make high impact decisions that will drive the results you demand.  Leadership is evolving fast and the Leadership Circle supports you in leading from the heart, with integrity, impact and influence to move your team and organization through advancing humanity.

Human Resources

In our ever-changing reality its HR that takes on the biggest demands. HR  must not only grow themselves, but others too.  They must be aware and agile to the changes, needs, and voices of the humans they employ while orchestrating a plan of action that supports all.   Talk about a high task at hand HR Circles put you in a circle of support with HR peers, sharing best practices, new challenges and out of the box ideas and insight.


Empowered sales people know sales is about serving not selling.  They have articulated their communication to be professional, compassionate, serving and all while demonstrating their expertise. They understand the power of listening to hear the needs of the client as well as their concerns..  They've mastered over-coming objections and handling their own fears and shadows.   In the Sales Circle embrace all this and MORE . . . . 

Educate - Engage - Empower

The Winner's Circle - where leaders gather to grow, connect, and excel.

The Winner's Circle is for those who are here to contribute, increase, and prosper.

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