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Videos have become the new storytelling means.

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Videos are essential in sharing, teaching, connecting, and engaging with others. Here you'll find some video Masterclasses, workshops, interviews, small clips on various topics, and even a few funny moments to make you laugh.


Mental Fitness to Navigate Uncertainty

Online Masterclass for Business leaders and HR Professionals

Coming Soon 

New workshop coming soon


Why Bring Spirituality into Business?   


Katelyn Silva - 1 Minute Writing Tips.


Jan Jorgensen - Be the Light and Soar Podcast

From hell to healing

My story of healing with earth medicines.

Your Power Within

Rising Consciousness Community Conference -March 9-11, 2022 in SLC, Utah at the Leonardo Museum

Guest on Magic Lighthouse

Cultivating Self-Awareness and inviting magic into your life.


Why Bring Spirituality into Business?   

Interview w/ Self- Sovereignty

Steve Roehr the host @ Self-Sovereignty website and You Tube channel interviews me on the book he just finished reading. 

WICT presentation

Held in STL in July 2022

Book Club - Chapter 15
Spiritual Intelligence

A sneak peak  into a book club - before we break out into group sharing and interaction


I Kissed Alcohol Goodbye Podcast S3, episode 6- Titled - When will you set a date with your problem?

Guest on Spirituality for Badass Babes

Ania Halama evokes all things spiritual and my new book, Bringing Spirituality into Business 


Creating a life you love is easy breezy when you listen to that still small voice within -  Be empowered by your intuition.

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