Unlock Inner Power

UNLOCK INNER POWER to adapt and excel

It was a day unlike other days, yes, it seemed to flow in a gentle yet powerful stream of connections, appreciation, and total acceptance.   Moving and flowing from yoga, to meditation, To Do’s, to appointments, meetings of innovation and opportunities to serve others. This day was very different from other days, mid-way though I received a distressed call for help and noticed the inner sense of self, rising to meet the need of another.     

How adaptable are you in moments of change?

We can all learn to be more adaptable in times of change.   If you find yourself telling a story of “I don’t do well under pressure” or “I can’t handle the stress of emergencies or catastrophe” you might chose to strengthen your ability to be adaptable. 

Our emotions are the first to present themselves in times of change or chaos.   Emotional intelligence is one of the top soft skills we worked on in the last decade.   Like any skill, habit or implementation of change – we strengthen them by using them.   The best gauge of our strength is seen in times of pressure or challenges.  Simply imagining how your would like to see yourself in times of challenge can be the first step in building this skill in yourself. 

Note, if your emotions kick in – they have the potential to stifle you, like a “deer in headlights” and leave you foggy, confused, and indecisive as to right action.

You don’t want to find yourself here if the situation is life threatening, you want to clear minded and able to act on the right decision in the moment.  

On this day, I received the call, heard the message, and calmly and confidently moved through my home to gather and collect all that I thought I might need over the next hours.    

Have you ever had a moment like this?   Where you appear to be operating from another level of consciousness.    That space and place where everything is happening almost on autopilot and yet you don’t feel like you are doing it.    You can actually observe your Self in action.

When I look back to see what I was thinking, I don’t believe I was.  I believe this where I surrender, I get out of my own way.  I know that in me, lies this inner intelligence, a wisdom and knowledge that surpasses all that I am and provides me with all I need and more. 


Inner strength and energy from Higher Self

I first practiced and modeled owning this state of inner power in my health and well-being  after 3 back surgeries.  It seemed to come natural this day.    On the drive, I found myself fully present and filled with clarity, courage, and support, while giving thanks to the ease, grace and flow that I was experiencing.    

We all know how our intuition shows up for us, right?  Well, I was gently guided to make a few phone calls along the way.  Strangely, both of these calls were to clients to offer support, encouragement and strength, all the very things I needed in that moment.     

You cannot give what you do not have.   

As I reflect back, this is exactly what I do when I find myself in need of something.   As in the words of wisdom  – “Give what you need most.”   

It is critical to fill ourselves first.   Trusting in the moment, allows our subconscious to take over.   Could my many attempts at practicing giving what I need most in each moment, be preprogrammed now, into my subconscious, for automatic, systematic retrieval and application when necessary?

Whether it’s business or personal, it’s all coming from the same boundless energy.   I call it our Inner Power and we all have it.

 It’s a deep sense of calm, an inner knowing that I can handle anything that comes my way.   When I’m focused on each moment as it comes, I don’t need to overthink and worry about how I’m going to get through the day.

Where does this energy come from?

Instead of trying to reach towards this energy to get more of it, it feels more like a dropping in – going deeper into myself, deeper into who I am.

Here’s the secret. I’ve had this energy in me all along.   Everyone has it.

It feels boundless because it comes from the direct source of who we are. 

We are all made of energy.

Remember the quote by Nicola Tesla

“If you want to know the secret of the universe, think in terms of energy, frequency and vibration.

My excellence, this inner power, is found when I am fully present in the now and tapped into this natural and abundant energy source.    

TIPS for accessing INNER POWER

As I have explored and experimented with the habits and mindset that unlock my inner power more consistently, here is what I have found:

  1. Quiet the Mind  the mind is addicted to thinking, most of which is repetitive.    Many use meditation as a practice to development mindfulness
  2. Train the body, mind, and emotions
    • Body – ground yourself in the body, Manage diet, exercise, and sleep.   You only get the one body, so do your best to honor and respect it, train it, push it, develop it.
    • Mental diet -imagine every cell in your body is listening to every word you think and every emotion you feel – be sure your words and thoughts are loving and supportive.
    • Emotions – are simply energy in motion – so often we label them, reject them and tell stories about them, all this does is hold the energy trapped in the body.  Experience and release.

3.  Get out of my own way  See a bigger picture of serving others.  I imagine a network or grid of connections that I cannot see with my physical eyes but can feel or sense as I allow my energies to connect with infinite intelligence, the Universe, Spirit or God.   Use whatever source of power you believe in.

These 3 steps allow me to connect with my inner power and know that I have all that I need in every moment.    FAITH.

I notice I easily access this energy, this inner power, when I am pushing outside my comfort zone to grow and expand.   

Today I have a powerful awareness of this inner power that lives and moves in me and I am strengthening it with each practice and every application and use.

Please share how you connect with the inner power in you.  Email me @ donalee@complete-solutionsllc.com