The UPSIDE to Spiritually Intelligent Leadership

“The UPSIDE to Spiritually Intelligent Leadership: Cultivating Humanity to Profit”

In an era where leadership paradigms are constantly evolving, the search for more effective methods to manage people and drive profits has led us to explore uncharted territories. AI is making it increasingly evident that divorcing humanity from the workplace results in widespread suffering. The key to unlocking the answers lies not in demands or force but in inspiration, on the words, behavior and actions and the transformative power of Spiritually Intelligent Leadership.

In her book, Bringing Spirituality into Business, author, speaker, and transformation expert, Donalee Gastreich introduces the concept of spiritual intelligence (SQ) — reminding humanity that you are here to tune into the same wisdom and intelligence that wrote you into being.

She shares that spiritual intelligence is your ability to access higher meaning, insights and intuition, values, abiding purposes, and subconscious aspects of self and to embed these into your relationships, core values, and contribution. Spiritually intelligent Leadership brings forth greater meaning and purpose, compassion, integrity, presence, humility, and joy, while guiding you toward a path of self-discovery to unleash your greatness.

Donalee imparts the power of awareness to aligning with integrity across all intelligence systems. She reminds the reader that spiritual intelligence fuels you with wonder, knowing, guidance, and pauses. She emphasizes that integrating humanity and spirituality into business is more than just a noble pursuit; it’s a strategic approach that yields mutually beneficial outcomes for all involved — a true win/win/win scenario.

Cultivating spiritual intelligence involves knowing yourself deeply, to embody the virtues of purpose, compassion, integrity, presence, humility, and joy, . Here are some ways it plays out in the workplace:

  1. Shift from Command and Control to Conscious Humane Leadership: The transition from traditional command and control leadership to a conscious, humane approach marks a fundamental shift in organizational dynamics. This transformation provides valuable insights into the impact of embracing spiritual intelligence. In this evolved paradigm, leadership transcends coercion, becoming a source of inspiration that empowers individuals to realize their highest potential.
  2. Integration of Vision – both Personal and Business: Bringing visions together in the business world is shown to have a profound impact on organizational culture and personal growth and development. Shared visions can evoke compassion, unity, and drive. It’s in working towards a greater whole that everyone can start to see their own contribution and the talent of others. A vision can serve as guiding principles, fostering a workplace where employees feel a deeper sense of connection, purpose, and contribution.
  3. The Productivity-Morale Connection:Consistent research findings affirm that inspired employees exhibit a twofold increase in productivity and contribute to elevated morale, thereby leading to a notable reduction in turnover rates. Satisfied and inspired individuals display heightened confidence, along with enhanced accuracy, efficiency, and consistency in their work.
  4. Spiritual Intelligence vs. Artificial Intelligence: In summary, the significance of human or spiritual intelligence lies in its unique capacity to generate novel ideas, foster emotional intelligence, cultivate empathy, facilitate contextual understanding, promote self-awareness, and embody common sense. These qualities make it invaluable and irreplaceable. In contrast, Artificial Intelligence lacks these intrinsic features, rendering it incomparable to many facets of human life. While Artificial Intelligence contributes to improvements in efficiency, productivity, even personal and professional growth, it is essential to recognize that it complements rather than substitutes for the multifaceted richness of human intelligence. Its role is to propel us forward with greater speed, accuracy, and quality, allowing for unprecedented advancements.

As we explore spiritual intelligence, it becomes clear that its application extends beyond the boardroom. It is an invitation to step into more humane leadership in every area of life. Donalee’s book is filled with invitations to know yourself and challenges us to consider the upside of spiritually intelligent leadership — not just for career success but for true well-being and fulfillment in all areas of life.

It is imperative that we conscientiously understand and align our intentions with our overarching vision. By doing so, we contribute to the elevation of human intelligence and awareness, recognizing the inherent greatness within each individual. As we collectively acknowledge and appreciate the exceptional qualities in others, we set the stage for a unified victory where everyone stands to gain. This is cultivating humanity to profit.

However, it’s important to acknowledge the potential dark side of the mantra ‘cultivating humanity to profit,’ which can manifest through greed, control, and the negative energies associated with scarcity and fear. If these aspects become predominant forces, a cautionary stance is warranted, as the side effects may include employee departures, disengagement, and widespread dissatisfaction in the workplace.

Spiritually intelligent leadership models integrity and the ability to behave with wisdom and compassion, while maintaining inner and outer peace, regardless of the situation. Integrity is a major component of the spiritually intelligent leader.

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