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Donalee Gastreich is the founder and CEO of Complete Solutions LLC.   A lover of adventure, culture, history, and humanity.  She is passionate about human rights, fairness, and equality.  Donalee is a member of HRC in the city of St. Charles.  She values the power of diversity, professional development, and continual growth.   It's in her 30+ years of business experience in consulting and sales that she first noticed one thing lacking in most people.  Self-Awareness is probably the most important and most underdeveloped skill in all of humanity.

She blends psychology, neuroscience, Spirituality, and human life experiences to bring greater self-awareness, higher states of consciousness, and peak performance training and development to organizations.

Donalee stands apart from her competition by boldly bringing Spirituality into the workplace, focusing on the whole individual, body, mind, emotions, and spirit.  Her motto is “Bring all of you to the party”.   Which comes from her early years of working for others where she intentionally left her spirituality and emotions at the door every morning so as not to appear weak or woo-woo amongst her peers.

Through speaking and workshops, Donalee aims to educate, engage, and empower individuals to utilize the tools they have in new ways.   Her compassionate and compelling style allows for those hard to have conversations where vulnerability and courage combine to create greater confidence and awareness necessary in all change.


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The "Pre-Requisite"

The "Pre-Requisite"

Powerful and eye-opening are some of the responses you might hear during and after the "Pre-Requisite".    This is a must for every business, government, and organization.  If your organization is seeking to embrace professional growth development, a conscious culture within, and greater equity and inclusion, Self-Awareness is the first skill to build and strengthen.  The "Pre-Requisite" will up-level attendees to greater awareness, self-reflection, and understanding of themselves.   Until one has self-awareness seeing their bias, blocks, or disfunction is next to impossible.

The "Pre-Requisite" is the #1 skill required before all others.   It's the #1 training and topic to bring in-house before all others.  This is the most important and the most underdeveloped skill available to all mankind.

Yes, Self-Awareness is innate in every human being.  The problem is it hasn't been developed.

We as a society have spent the last several decades focusing on our outer world and advancing through machinery and technology. We've focused on the Industrial Revolution and the Digital Revolution.  We've added computers, upgraded operating systems, and brought in coders, developers, and advanced in machine learning.

Since the work of Carl Jung and Sigmund Freud in the early to mid-1900s, very little has been done to educate mankind on advancing oneself mentally and emotionally.  The last big wave of personal growth came around 1995 when Daniel Goleman's best-selling book on Emotional Intelligence took savvy business leaders to new heights.

Most organizations have not invested in much professional development training over the last several decades.  Now with mental health issues on the rise, stress levels out of control, and our ability to recognize the need, we must begin to raise our levels of consciousness, increase our self-awareness, manage our emotions, and instill greater social awareness.    2020 has been a challenging year for all with increased levels of fear, uncertainty, and change.

Building Self-Awareness brings conscious knowledge and awareness of one's own character, feelings, motives, and desires. Self-Awareness leads to emotional awareness and greater emotional intelligence as well as social awareness.   I believe the most significant development will be one's ability to monitor, manage, and control themselves in all situations and circumstances, Self-Regulation.

Empower your people with the "Pre-Requisite".

Attendees will learn:

  • How to use the mind as a tool
  • How to end the non-stop mind chatter
  • How to use all of your intelligence systems 
  • What it means to bring all of you to the party
  • Strategies to transform fear, doubt, and worry
  • The facts about stress
  • The value of emotions
  • To strengthen intuition
  • The power in KNOWING YOURSELF

 A few comments from the audience.

"What an amazing speech today.   My employees were talking about it throughout the day.  Many have questioned me about having you back again.    I would love to discuss the opportunity of an on-going relationship. Let’s get something on the calendar for next quarter.   You are a welcome breath of fresh air."        ~ Sarah G -   HR Director

"Donalee is amazing.  If you have an opportunity to work with her grab it.  You will thank yourself later. "  ~ Elana Korsakova   EK Global

"I am so glad I booked you.   You surprised me.   That was the most powerful presentation I have ever seen, my co-workers can't stop talking about you."  Amelia Amster                 Event Coordinator

Benefits of Self-Awareness are:

  • greater satisfaction at work
  • able to better manage emotions
  • better leadership skills
  • improved relationships
  • higher levels of happiness
  • more creativity
  • better communication and listening skills
  • better decision-making skills
  • more confidence
  • more likely to make better choices
  • calm, less stressed

Characteristics of Self-Awareness

People that are self-aware generally have these characteristics.

  • Wisdom – When a person actively works to understand themselves and applies the knowledge to their everyday life, they make a habit of continual learning.
  • Honesty – A person that is self-aware does not sell themselves short, nor do they have an over-inflated view of themselves.
  • Confidence – Self-aware people want honest feedback from others because it keeps them more aware of how they are coming across and how they are doing. They already know their strengths and weaknesses and have come to grips with it, making them confident and secure in themselves.
  • Humility– A self-aware person knows that they have shortcomings. They realize they need help from other people to help bolster their own shortcomings. They do not mind sharing the spotlight and lifting others up.

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