Reflector Magic

29-week online
book club  
Reflector Magic

"Learn the Magic and Mystery in being a Reflector"

"Watch this video to discover what I learned and what I can show you . . "

Learn your Human Design profile, strategy, and key components, like your Life Purpose, What you need to master to align with it, and your best voice - your communication style to market, connect with others and live your design.   Develop mastery level skills for your personal, professional, and spiritual growth that align with how you truly came to Serve. 

Along with all the de-conditioning to align as your best self.

JOIN and You'll get access to 2 additional bonuses

Bonus #1

Reflector cheat sheet to creating your best life (PDF)

This easy to follow guide uses your gates and planetary to allow you to live your Human Design in all aspects of life.  It shows you your purpose - What you are here to master and share with the world and you'll learn how to best communicate what you do with others. 

Bonus #2

Get access to the fillable PDF Companion Workbook to aid the de-conditioning process (PDF)

This fillable PDF version of the Companion Workbook will have you expanding awareness to see you shadows, paradigms, old stories and limiting beliefs that keep you from living your best version of you.

Here's What you'll get in the complete "Reflector Magic" online course:

Why "Reflector Magic" is the most inclusive journey for Reflectors. wishing to master their design.  
A 29-week book club,  "Bringing Spirituality into Business, Know yourself, Grow yourself, Live Life Empowered" which is the Key to you knowing yourself and doing the inner work to remove the conditioning that isn't you.  
The 5 elements in your Human Design chart you must understand, apply and fully integrate. 
Learn to love being a Reflector and to appreciate your openness and what it offers..
Get good at being the Observer and learn to discern when you are holding other people's energies.  
Two 1:1 calls to discuss your specifics in Human Design, your hanging gates and how they impact you and life. 
Access to a monthly group online coaching call to answer your deepest concerns and questions to keep you moving forward.  
Free or discounted access to masterclasses, workshops, trainings and retreats. 

Limited time offer only $999

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