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Live your Design 

Know Yourself

Grow Yourself


Bi-Monthly Winner's Circle via Zoom

  • Meet on zoom the first and third Tuesday at 5 pm CST
  • Follow the lunar cycle
  • Journal about your experience
  • Live your design

Stop struggling with life.  Learn to be a Reflector. Master what it means to live your design. You'll learn to discern your own energy, your conditioning, and the daily transits of the moon and how they impact and affect you.   


Following the Moon’s transit and learning how the different gates and energies show up for you will aid you in crafting your superpowers.. Following and understanding the moons cycle and all cycles will fuel you ability to better Know Yourself, Grow Yourself and Life Life Empowered.

Overview of the Winner’s Circle :

You will create your own plan to follow the transits by addressing the 5 W’s:

where will I keep my log – online, notebook

when will I commit to showing up – start day, and time of day daily to work on this

why – what’s your why, why are you doing this?

what – what do you intend to gain

how – how will you apply what you learn

Learn the shadow aspects of the gates, how they show up in your life, and the gift aspects and where you already see them activated in your life.

Group share from someone how has the one of the transits of that day in their sun or earth

Small group breakouts to share experiences and gain clarity on your awareness.

So what else influences a Reflector?

The reflector’s energy field is activated by the company they keep and their active gates and channels.    Since we reflectors have no channels, only hanging gates, we literally change every day as we move thru our day

Some may find a particular planet or zodiac sign or house placement to be particularly energizing  or the opposite, draining.

We talk more in small group about personal influencers and triggers.

I think learning how others are experiencing, transforming and mastering their energy will only expand your awareness to notice your own superpowers and infinite abilities.

Putting it all together, understanding the moons monthly effect on you and the personal cycle that you go thru each month is a way of self-love, self-care, and self-growth.

Reflectors learn, grow and advance themselves by doing what they do best, Observe.   To master this active state of presence, one much first master the art of observing themselves and letting go of old conditioning, and with intention upgrade their operating system and their energetic field.

You’ll learn

  • to harness 360 awareness
  • to not have to have an opinion on everything
  • to discern where you allow your energy to flow
  • to shift perceptions
  • to release energies that are not yours


Moon Magic #1Focus

As you learn the cycle of the moon and it's affects upon you, you will develop greater knowing of yourself and your energies.   Learning the cycles, patterns, and influences that different energies have upon your open centers will be key in leaning into and working with the daily enhancements and offerings available to you.

Gates Activated #2 Focus

Human Design teaches that we have all 64 gates in our design.  As you follow the moon's transit each day moving through 2 or more gates in your chart, you will gain insight and awareness to how the energies of the day's transits play out in your life.

Reflector Magic begins in your Circle of Support, Growth, Alignment, and Following the Moon's transit.

Join NOW and embrace the power of Reflector Magic in your life.

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