Raising Consciousness

Leaders across the globe are seeking to invest in “Raising Consciousness”.  Many are flocking here on their own -following an inner nudge, while others need a bit of prodding and convincing.  Where are you? 

Why? And . . . .

What does it mean to become more conscious? I call it the progressive realization of conscious mastery over your mind, behaviors, and results. It’s the natural human evolution which is expanding you to see and utilizing more of your inner resources. Some of which are included here:

  • making careful, intelligent, and deliberate decisions
  • maintaining calm amidst chaos and uncertainty
  • developing empowering beliefs while purging disempowering ones
  • understand your own thought processes, emotions, and behaviors
  • master emotions, deescalate charged situations, and refocus without blame
  • challenge without reprimand and coach without directing
  • listen, learn, and lead with Integrity

Traditional schooling educates us with basic skills and basic knowledge, but it does little to show us how to develop our conscious minds, emotional intelligence, or spiritual growth. We aren’t taught how to intelligently make the biggest decisions of our lives, how to cultivate a burning desire for what we want, how to know if our beliefs are inaccurate and need to be changed, how to concentrate, etc. How to build resilience, have courage, take risks or balance a budget. Yet I’m sure you can agree, over the course of your lifetime, these skills will prove far more significant than anything you learned in school.

Basic Human Consciousness

People whose conscious minds remain underdeveloped often suffer from cluttered and unfocused thinking. I’ve heard it called “monkey mind”. I use to feel like there was a freight train of non-stop thoughts racing through my mind. Needless worries, trivial distractions, inaccurate observations, false beliefs, and negative emotions generally run rampant through their thoughts, and most of the time they aren’t even aware of it. It’s like being stuck in a mental fog. 

When you talk to such people, you can sense they aren’t fully there. The lights are on, but no one’s home. Ask them an important question like, “What vision do you have for your life?” and you’ll likely get a blank stare in response. Because they don’t really have control of their minds, they live reactively instead of proactively. They essentially do what they’re told and try to stay out of trouble, wrongly assuming this condition is the best they can expect of themselves. Sometimes the victim and often feeling that life is happening to them.  They feel limited by their circumstances and are unable to see their own power and potential.

Highly Conscious Individual

On the flip side, highly conscious people master their minds. Their thinking is clear, sharp, and focused, and they select and direct their thoughts intentionally. They retain conscious control over their emotions, and they don’t easily succumb to distractions. When you talk to such people, you can detect depth and clarity. Ask them, “What’s the purpose of your life?” and you’ll likely get an intelligent and thoughtful response. 

These people live proactively and are emotionally resilient, rising above their circumstances instead of being victimized by them. They possess an inner strength that is undeniable. They exhibit both courage and compassion, and they know that this level of being is how humans were truly meant to live. 


You can guide and direct your growth and self-development or do nothing. The difference between these two groups is that the first group settled for the default operating system installed by their upbringing and social conditioning. They are mostly unaware. They accepted whatever programming they initially received. Never questioning or believing this was all they were allotted.  The Highly Conscious group, however, challenges themselves to continuously improve upon that initial programming, embarking on a lifelong quest to design and engaging more of their four intelligence systems and upgrading their operating system. 

And they succeed. So while some are stuck with a shabby and outdated mental operating system, others continue to upgrade their version, enjoying compounding benefits year after year. It the process of frequent upgrading that matters most, not the weight in where you are.

There are two reasons for writing a blog about “Raising Consciousness”.  One is to connect the dots and go deeper into our inner work, as invited in my book, Bringing Spirituality into Business and chapter work in the book club. Also to share with executive leaders today.  Humanity is evolving and new skills, talents, and capacities are opening up for all.  But it is critical that today’s leaders are a step ahead of those that need their help. 

This post will be shared in the Winner’s Circle and Book Club when we talk about Awareness as your SuperPower and the benefits of “Raising Consciousness”.

 This topic will expand and elevate you beyond your expectations.  Get ready to tap into your Super Powers. 

Allow me to enlighten you with some serious and practical benefits to this pursuit.

Here are 10 notable benefits of developing your conscious mind and “Raising Consciousness”:

1.  Increased Self-Awareness

Your inner senses become more finely tuned as you begin to see yourself more objectively. You become more aware of your strengths and weaknesses in a non-judgmental way. You have enhanced self-understanding making it easier to understand other people too. Human behavior begins to make more sense. You succeed more often in your undertakings because you understand your capabilities more accurately than ever before.

Awareness to your own blind spots and shadow aspects is important for all personal growth. Awareness to both your strengths and weaknesses.  But when you become aware of your weaknesses, you move from unconscious incompetence to conscious incompetence. That’s a very key step on the way to conscious competence. Sometimes you will choose to overcome your weaknesses, while other times you may simply accept and work around them. Highly conscious individuals learn to accept their imperfections with no loss of self-esteem. In fact, they often attract friends and peers that compliment their weaknesses nicely.

2.  Increased Sensory Awareness

As you “raise consciousness”, your perceptual awareness expands. You start noticing things you never noticed before. You’re more attuned to sights, sounds, smells, and other input. It’s like getting a sensory bandwidth boost. You are able to hold a bigger picture view and the details of the moment in your awareness at the same time. Your environment seems richer and fuller, and you feel more connected to it. It’s not that your sensory hardware gets better or stronger— rather that you have slowed down enough to process the useful data from the environment into your conscious awareness. It was there all along, you just removed the static that kept you from noticing it. It’s like tuning in more clearly and having more RAM available for consciously observing the information coming from your senses. 

I’ve found this helpful when communicating with people. For example, when I give a speech, I’m starting to notice subtle body language from the audience that tells me I should speed up, slow down, or repeat what I just said.  Letting me know if I need to add some humor, or pivot? Fully aware and actively engaged in my presentation, I’m also able to remain conscious of what I am observing in the room..

3.  Enhanced Mental Clarity

As you are “raising consciousness”, you’ll experience what I call cycles of growth.  In these cycles you’ll notice incredible clarity, where everything begins to make sense at a whole new level.  Like you’ve just been given insight into all you’ve just been through or are about to journey through. 

 You’ll also have periods of confusion as you take a quantum leaps, followed by periods of deepening mental clarity. The confusion can upset your whole reality and makes very little sense to you. It’s a time of massive cognitive restructuring. Your mind is refactoring its code to complete the jump to the next level. It scrambles the old patterns in order to make room for the new.  Like unlearning to relearn.

4. Emotional Intelligence

I believe consciousness, spirituality, and emotional intelligence go hand-in-hand. First, you gain a deeper understanding of your emotions. You begin to clearly understand why you feel the way you do.  This is key to healing the past hurts and traumas.

Secondly, you develop the ability to control your emotional state. With practice you learn to maintain a positive emotional state regardless of external circumstances. This is stepping into Mastery. 

By feeling good and acting from within that framework, you’ll gradually release the sources of negativity from your life and replace them with positive ones. Not only will you feel great, but you’ll start to generate positive results that resonate with those feelings. Life becomes an expression of joy instead of the pursuit of it.  One says you’re living it and t the other says you lack it. 

5.  Complex Problem-Solving

“Raising consciousness” is like getting a massive upgrade. It feels like your conscious mind can hold more content at one time. This can make you significantly better at problem solving and critical thinking, especially when there’s a large set of relevant information to consider. Designing the complex coding to support AI is a good example. The more conscious you are, the better you can see and understand the details from multiple perceptions.  

I was able to solve both business and personal problems.  Like figuring out what kind of person I should strive to become and what I should do with the next chapter of life. The joy comes when your resolve makes sense on all levels: physical, mental, emotional, social, and spiritual.

6.  Integrity

Integrity is when what you think, feel, say, and do are all in accord. 

It’s BEING centered and balanced – in alignment. It’s listening to your physical body intelligence, intending to open your heart-center; mentally aligning, turning off the flood of thoughts; emotionally checking in and it’s feeling or sensing your way into the natural organic flow of life.  

“Integrity means that there is coherence between what you say, what you do, what you think, and how you feel about life around you.Sadhguru

As your consciousness expands, you’ll begin to trust yourself to handle more meaningful responsibilities. This in turn builds trustworthiness and respect, developing a depth to your integrity.

A bonus to being in integrity is the ability to influence and impact others, not because you hold a position of power over them but because they know they can trust you. You have their respect and they like what you have. 

7.  Self-Discipline

Self-discipline of mind is the ability to consciously control your thoughts and quiet the mind.  Problems that seem challenging can be easily overcome with sufficient self discipline. Can you get yourself out of bed each morning at a time of your choosing? Can you keep your physical environment in good order? Can you get yourself to do what needs to be done without procrastinating? For the disciplined mind, these problems are almost trivially easy to solve. But without sufficient self-discipline, frustration and failure is the more likely outcome.

Intellectually you know what you need to do to lose 10 pounds but without self-discipline to take action .  If you have self-discipline, you’re able to put off short-term pleasure (or endure short-term inconvenience or discomfort) in the pursuit of long-term gain.

8.  Psychic Development

Everyone has psychic and intuitive abilities. I tend to use the term psychic and intuitive abilities interchangeably as they ultimately mean the same thing: “to know or understand something without conscious reasoning”—it’s subtle energetic guidance. 

We are all psychic and receive information from our psychic senses all day long. Once you accept that you do receive these impressions and begin to pay attention to them, your psychic senses will likely begin to open up more. 

Our bodies are like antennas for psychic and intuitive information and your intuition is always communicating through your psychic and physical senses. There are endless opportunities to improve and train your intuition. Find a circle of support or join me in a Winner’s Circle, where strengthening our intuition and psychic capacity is just part of unleashing more of your inner resources.

9.  Heart Power 

As you’re “raising consciousness”, you’ll be building and strengthening both your courage and compassion.  Courage and compassion come from the heart.  The heart has you tapping into ‘awakened awareness’ involving feeling, sensing, and knowing which is separate and different from Mental knowing or deciding only with brain power.

The research coming from HeartMath Institute indicates that the heart’s electrical component is about 60 times greater and has an electromagnetic energy field 5000 times greater than the brain’s.  Furthermore, the heart has a significant influence on the body down to the cellular level. 

Heart coherence takes integrity to whole new level. 

10.  Health and Well-Being 

After improving your awareness, problem-solving, and self-discipline, you may turn your attention to your physical body and decide to take better care of it. Once you begin you’ll become unstoppable.  The inner pull to more and more growth is undeniable. You’ll develop more conscious eating, exercise, and health habits, experimenting to discover what works best for you rather than mindlessly accepting the advice of overweight doctors.

You’ll come to realize that true health and well-being isn’t just physical, but mental, emotional, social, and spiritual.   

These are some pretty hefty benefits, wouldn’t you agree?  They develop gradually across a wide spectrum and create an ongoing ever expanding opening up to more.  

Yes, these are great benefits, but HOW do you “Raise Consciousness? For starters you can intend to become more conscious and aware. Just decide to upgrade, and your subconscious will begin the process for you. This decision is the key that opens the door to more.

Next consider joining me in a Winner’s Circle or Book Club for full immersion into greater awareness, peer support, feedback and accountability while tapping into more of your inner resources to unleash your peak potential and access to more of your authentic self and talents.

Thanks for reading.  If you found this of value, please share with someone you care about.