The Mastery Program with Donalee has been an amazing journey for me.  I have literally changed who I am.   It started with a vision.  I lost 55 pounds so far, starting being happy and getting in touch with my emotions and desires.   I acknowledged my dreams and began, just like you said One step at a time.  One foot in front of the other. I am so proud of myself that I have become  Lots of goals and desires have been met and for all of them, I am grateful.  But what really makes it so rewarding and enjoyable is who I have become along the way.  My business and my personal life have completely turned around. Thank you, Donalee. ~ Tim K., Business Owner

What an amazing speech today.   My employees were talking about it throughout the day.  Many have questioned me about having you back again.  I would love to discuss the opportunity of an on-going relationship.  Let’s get something on the calendar for next quarter. You are a welcome breath of fresh air. ~ Sarah G, HR Director

Thank-you for the amazing and transforming last 3 months, Donalee.  I am not the same man who signed up for a strategy session at your workshop a mere 4 months ago.  You have reminded me of my potential and desires, I am forever grateful for your love, compassion, and laser coaching.  You were always spot on in working thru my paradigms.   I am looking back with a grin from ear to ear.   You have a special place in my heart.  ~ Marv M

Great presentation.  This is exactly what I needed.  Your workshop opened my mind in ways I had not thought before.  I feel alive.  ~ Sue F.,  St. Charles, Mo

This was a very inspiring presentation and you are an authentic presenter.  I felt a sense of welcome, peace and love in your workshop. ~ Jim R, STL

I’ve known and been working with Donalee for almost a year now.  Her genuine, heart-centered approach, and attitude towards growth and transformation are contagious and second to none.   Through her Mastery Coaching Group, guidance and laser coaching skills, I’ve been able to increase my own RESULTS beyond what I could have imagined up until now.  She’s the best!  ~ Randy Dunn, Rochester, NY

Donalee is an expert at facilitating simple shifts in perception that change everything.  She badly asks the most powerful questions that open my eyes to see opportunity for success everywhere. ~ Summer Ricketts -  Morehead City Beach, NC

Donalee has combined her rich experience in business with her intuitive presence to deliver spot-on growth opportunities for me in each and every call.   Her laser coaching and attention to detail provided me the awareness to my limiting beliefs and patterns.  I am So thankful for your patience and loving presence in showing me the areas of my own blocks and resistance.   Forever grateful. ~  Liza K., Professional

Thank you Donalee for the enlightening coaching. Your questionnaire helped me to hold up the mirror and examine my life. I loved how you pointed out the pattern of thinking that I was holding on to. I am grateful for your help. ~ Donna Zimmerman Dowell, Business Owner

Donalee is amazing.  If you have an opportunity to work with her grab it.  You will thank yourself later. ~ Elena Korsakova, EK Global

I had an amazing time attending the Marketing 101 session yesterday.  I left with a greater sense of clarity and an increased passion and drive to help organizations successfully manage their human capital. I highly recommend Donalee Gastreich as a resource for speaker presentations, professional coaching or team professional development.  Thanks, Donalee!  ~ Jenny A. - UHY STL

Leadership coaching, who would have thought.  Yes, I was resistant and every so glad I said YES.   The investment in my growth and development has been priceless.   My staff even thanks you.   Thank you Donalee for your resilience and patience. ~ Big BOB - President & Owner

Wow, educational, motivational and this workshop total ignited the fire in me. Exactly what I needed, you gave me questions to ponder for clarity in my life and I now see exactly what you mean when you say ” Clarity comes with the end in Mind”.   I came away with clarity, focus and inspiration. Thank you, Donalee. ~Diane W., Wentzville, MO

Powerful message delivered with clarity.  My whole team appreciates you. ~ George B., Pepsi

My first experience with a coach so I am not sure if this is common or rare, But Donalee was spot on in recognizing my Paradigms, UGH, those patterns that keep showing up to hold me back.   It was only 2 weeks into coaching with her and I began to shift and see remarkable improvements.   I moved past my fears and into my dreams and truly never thought it was possible for me.I am filled with gratitude.   I will recommend her to others.   Definitely a RESULTS Coach.  Now my results just keep on coming. ~ John D., Business Owner

Thank You, you lit my staff and created quite the buzz around the office. Word is they want you back. ~ Marylou B., Alton, IL

The Power of Desire has changed my life. My whole team is practicing the exercises you gave us and we have increased creativity and productivity, just as you said we would.  I can’t wait for the next session. ~ Cami S., Saint Louis, MO

Life Mastery is about achieving the long sought after happiness and success I had always desired and longed to achieve.  Thank you for believing in me and showing me how to shift my Mindset and achieve all my desires. I wish everyone knew how easy it is.  Forever filled with gratitude and love. ~ Edward P., Kirkwood, MO

I’ve had coaches in the past, But your evocative questioning and empowering support has given me the confidence and the encouragement to attain results quickly.  I want you in my close circle for always. ~ Bob B. , Saint Charles, MO

Your Lunch-n-Learn Webinar brought awareness and has empowered us to look at things more closely.  Thank you.  Much appreciated.   We will be in contact with you soon. ~ Anonymous , Small business owner

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