Navigate Uncertainty: Strategies to Lead in Turbulent Times

Navigate Uncertainty: Strategies to Lead in Turbulent Times

In today’s rapidly evolving world, uncertainty has become the new norm. From global pandemics to economic instability, the landscape of business and life is fraught with unpredictability. In the face of such uncertainty, how can leaders navigate these turbulent waters with confidence and clarity?

Gary Klein, in his insightful book “The Power of Intuition,” offers valuable insights into managing uncertainty. In Chapter 8, aptly titled “How to Manage Uncertainty,” Klein outlines practical methods to build skill and expertise in dealing with uncertainty effectively.  A deeper, more in depth collaboration of this topic can be found here.

There are three factors that go into dealing with uncertainty:

  1. the source of the uncertainty
  2. the tactics available for dealing with the uncertainty
  3. the decision-maker’s own personal tolerance of uncertainty

Key Takeaways:

  • Understanding the Sources of Uncertainty: Recognize sources such as missing information, unreliable information, conflicting information, noisy information, and confusing information.
  • Tactics for Dealing with Uncertainty: Klein outlines various tactics, including:
    • Delaying and seeking additional information
    • Building interpretations and embracing uncertainty itself
    • Pressing on and simplifying plans
    • Designing decision scenarios and preparing for the worst
    • Using incremental decisions and information-seeking strategies

In times of uncertainty, leaders must cultivate the ability to adapt and thrive amidst ambiguity. By embracing uncertainty as an opportunity for growth and innovation, leaders can harness the power of intuition and strategic thinking to navigate turbulent times with confidence and resilience.

Your Personal Tolerance for Uncertain

Your personal capacity to handle uncertainty is something you can develop.  It is your mental fitness that allows you to tap into your inner resources like: coping skills, resilience, positive intelligence, intuition, imagination and more.  When you develop the mental fortitude to interrupt the negative and self-sabotaging voices within and exercise your self-command, you will be able to direct yourself to using your Sage powers to navigate every situation with ease.  Mental fortitude must be charged every day, it is not a once and done strategy.

Combining Kline’s 3 factors for dealing with uncertainty along with powerful mental fitness skills, Complete Solutions offers you a cutting-edge advantage to finding your way amidst any environment.  We focus on increasing your potential and your confidence to weather any storm with stellar results. When mental fortitude is developed, it greatly impacts wellbeing, interactions and relationships, as well as performance and productivity.  Schedule a call to discuss full day or 1/2 day trainings.


As we face an increasingly uncertain future, now more than ever, the need for effective leadership is paramount. By embracing the strategies outlined by Klein, infused with mental fitness, and cultivating a mindset of adaptability and resilience, leaders can rise to the challenges of uncertainty and lead their organizations to success in the face of adversity.

Created with the help of Chap GPT by Donalee Gastreich, author, speaker, and transformation expert. Donalee helps leaders activate more of their inner resources to capitalize on their strengths to minimize distractions and saboteurs so they can calmly and successfully navigate today’s uncertainty and lead with impact and integrity.  Offering the Complete Solutions to helping CEO’s go from uncertainty, departures, disengagement and low moral to empowered and impactful leaders capable and equipped to empower their team and organization to excel and innovate in any environment.

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