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Micro Dosing to invite in the Magic 

What do you get when you combine an intensive desire to Know and Grow yourself, and change along with cognitive behavioral therapy, awareness of your conditioning, ownership of your thoughts, beliefs, and emotions along with the science and medicinal benefits of the magical fungi on the planet?   You get Micro Dosing to invite in the Magic.   

Join the most extensive Micro Dosing journey available.

In Micro Dosing to invite in Magic you will be engaged in a personal growth program for 29 weeks of deep study, learning, integrating, and applying greater awareness and understanding to all you do.  This journey is personal, intimate and designed for your greatest growth, alignment and purpose.   It's aim is to bring forth your Greatness. 

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Micro Dosing to invite in the  Magic 

Micro dosing psychedelics is the practice of consuming very low, sub-hallucinogenic doses of a psychedelic substance, like  psilocybin-containing mushrooms. 

While all results are individual - here are some overall findings, both in terms of beneficial outcomes, such as improved mood and focus, a calmer sense of self, and greater awareness and in terms of challenging outcomes, such as physiological discomfort and anxiousness. 


While new research and data is continually presenting us more clarity and understanding - there is still more research to do.   Here's what we do know.  The psilocybin opens and activates both brain neurons and receptors to allow for better whole brain functioning.   This allows for greater harmony and balance and thus signals the body accordingly.   Combine cognitive behavioral therapy and the results are amazing.  

Journalling to stay abreast of your changes.
Focused group work to stay connected, engaged and progressing towards goals. 
Providing a curriculum to aid and advance the Micro dosing journey.

29 week program

Each week we will cover one chapter in the Book, Bringing Spirituality into Business. You'll be invited to reflect and answer the questions at the end of the chapter.  This is a personal journey to Know Yourself, Grow Yourself, to Live Life Empowered.   The book is the tool to guide your inner work, in bringing to light the unconscious so you can work with it, understand it and find truth and greater meaning in your journey.   It becomes a tool to heal, grow and become more of who you are to experience in this lifetime.  Specific MD calls will happen each month beginning after week 7 to share what's showing up and how to best integrate it.   There will also be group coaching only calls to keep you moving ahead.

Micro Dosing

Micro Dosing begins week 7, after setting the stage for what to expect and how to work with the program.   There is a group call to set you up for success, understanding, and directions.  You'll start with a standard 2 dose a week protocol.   While MD you'll be asked to journal what you are noticing and what changes are showing up.   

Two 1:1 sessions to personalize your journey

We will meet 1:1 twice.  The first time will be  a week or two after you begin MD - (around week 8 and 9 in the program) and again between weeks 15 and 18  in the program.   These one on one calls are in addition to  assessments and your intake form where you'll share and express your reasons and desires for MD as well as what you hope to gain from it.   

A freedom and connection I have never had

After years of depression and withdrawing from life, friends and fun, I feel as though I have embarked a new found freedom, joy and connection to myself and my life.   

Jude Cheeke

Working with Donalee is transformational

I needed help stepping into a new leadership role and all my triggers were going off.  I was an emotional train wreck when I said yes to Donalee's group work.   I was amazed at the topics and work we did each week and how quickly I gained control, adopted new behaviors, and worked through my challenges.   Thank you for accepting me in your Winner's Circle. 

Las Perez

Seeking higher consciousness

As a C-Level leader in my organization being at the top of my game is important to me.  I am extremely impressed with your 12 wk Micro Dosing Program.   The weekly calls were divinely appropriate to expanding my awareness, gain insight, and enhance my senses.  

Shonetta Sears 

Additional 1:1 coaching call are available for an add-on fee

Sometimes we have issues that need an extra special touch and require a coaching call to help understand, apply and integrate what is showing up for you.   If this happens, know that you will always have access to adding on a personal coaching call when you need it.     As part of the MD program you will have access to these session at a discounted rate of only $100 per each 60 min. session.  

only $888.88 

with coupon



Micro Dosing Magic for beginners and pro's

Amazing support 

Weekly LIVE zoom calls

Replays available 

Book and Companion Workbook

Membership Portal


Donalee Gastreich

Lead facilitator and human behavior specialist 

Author, Speaker, Trainer and  the Founder & CEO at Complete Solutions.   Donalee excels at understanding and transforming human behavior, helping you get the results you desire and achieving real, lasting and measurable change. 

Her own psychedelic journey which she calls from "hell to healing" is what began her decades of work building a relationship with the medicine and helping others grow, learn, heal and find wholeness in their humanness to truly live life to the fullest.  Listen to her testimony to her healing and growth as shared with "Thank you Plant Medicine" 

Still Curious -  Join a MasterClass or Q&A session  -  Next ONE - Dec. 23rd @ 4 pm CST

Every year I open up a new Micro dosing journey for the brave, the bold and those brought to learn more about themselves through a micro dosing journey.   I host free learning sessions to help answer all your concerns and questions.    I don't want anyone saying yes without a full understanding of what to expect.  

uncertain?   learn more in one of my free session
called to heal?   if you're suffering or struggling this may be for you
looking to grow?  if you know there is a better way this may be for you
seeking to explore the powerful earth medicines in ways that benefit?

Some last messages

Don't just join without knowing your risks.
Be sure to explore, educate, and learn what's right for you.
Personal work is deep and intimate and can bring to surface more than you might have been aware of.
Your decision is and can only be made by you when  you are ready.  
Micro dosing is not required to heal.
Micro dosing is a tool and not all are called to the medicine. 

Benefits you'll love

Some words of recognition, experience, and praise from micro dosing clients.

Macro / Micro ?   My  Micro dosing experience

I've experienced both a macro and micro dose of those magic mushrooms.   Since my macro journey was solo, alone and without any help integrating - it left me out-there and basically dazed and confused.   I found Donalee and wow what a difference and experienced guide can make.   Her approach thru a 3 month journey to Master ME, mind and emotions was ground breaking in me finding the results I was seeking.   I finally got to see where I was out of alignment, giving my power away and believing untruths, stories I had crafted and bought.   I highly recommend you grab any opportunity to work with her, you'll thank yourself later. 


Everyone talks about integration but Donalee actively implements it and helps you apply it every step of the way.   Thank you - your approach is life changing.  

Finding the magical, mystical me

They say that profound and life-altering experiences don't come to everyone and when they do they only come once.  I'm here to say - this is not true.  What psychedelics did for me was beyond profound.  It connected me to our Spiritual Intelligence, the inner genius, we all have access to.   Donalee's gentle and guiding nature helped me unlock and unblock my awareness to these mystical and magical ways that I have for guiding me and directing me in life.   Its changed me from the inside out.  Forever grateful, living in gratitude. 

My change is profound

Before I started micro dosing shrooms I was 250 pounds, deeply depressed and a joke of a man. 1 year later I am a 180 pounds, elite Calisthenics athlete, my baseline mood is a couple notches higher, my productivity is up, my panic attacks and anxiety are gone, my life is changed through and through. 

Loved by users


Who I am is now my first awareness.

Best experience in my life

Loving Kindness

The journey home is a journey of love and kindness to myself.  

Living Love now


To say I'm changed is only part of the journey - the real value was in learning to love and know myself, all aspects. 

New ME

Money back guarantee

If in the first 30 days you find this is not for you... Email for a full refund of all unused funds.   No questions asked.   

Ready to Excel

If you are ready to embark on the journey of transformation, healing and living your life empowered,   JOIN Now. 


$888.88 with coupon code

Online /Membership portal

Book & Book Club

29 week Course work 

monthly coaching & integration work


24/7 support group on FB

Bringing Spirituality into Business support group on Facebook can offer you quick support and guidance along the way with 24/7 access.  

Bringing Spirituality into Business

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