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Everyone loves Good News.   Well I've got some Great News for you.   If you have enjoyed the scheduled, regular meetings, personal growth and development I have created ways to stay in the loop at a super low cost investment.

I call them coaching circles -   Imagine a circle of support all around you.  They will offer:

  • Monthly calls to push new ideas, skills, and best practices
  • Touching base in a group format for feedback
  • Connecting in group with challenges
  • Celebrating Wins
  • Empowering and encouraging others
  • Nurturing your own team building skills, strengths and abilities
  • Having a Mastermind group with you at all times

Leadership Coaching Circles

Leadership Coaching Circles are for those individuals that manage, supervise,  and lead others.   Working on the skills, challenges, and best practices that keep you leading in the most empowering, influential, and impactful ways.   Helping you become an amazing coach for you team and creating the results you want.

SOLO Entrepreneur Coaching Circles

Solo Entrepreneur is anyone who manages their own book of business.   All brokers, agents, sales reps, single business owners or coach, trainer, healer, if you need help marketing, attracting the right clients, connections, and establishing yourself as a leader - This circle is for you.    Empowering you with clarity in who you are, what you do, and who your ideal client is, so others can refer you.   Empowering you to become your own best marketing tool to attract and connect with a greater number of people allowing you massive impact, influence, and income.

Health, Happiness, and Healing Coaching Circles

Great health, happiness, and healing is the coaching circle that supports you going through changes to allow healing, health and happiness to be achieved.   Creating healthy mind, emotions and body requires laying the foundation of love, nurturing, support, and guidance.   But don't forget the need for accountability.   Circle yourself in the love of  others and coaches, trainers and healers who will offer you the support, knowledge, and encouragement you need.

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