Week 3 Mastering M.E. Mind and Emotions 

Video Playback Week 3 - Feb. 11, 2019

Feedback- we are always getting or giving feedback

Another way to look at feedback is our inner GPS system.

Guidelines, understanding, and best practices for massive results.

Today's Lesson and Lifework

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Mastering M.E. - Mind & Emotions

Lifework Lesson THREE overview
Intentions - personal and group
Share Gratitude and Wins
Recap of week 2
LOVE is Everything - see love, feel love in everything
Practice BEING Love - - What were your experiences?
What did you Recognize as ways you Block Love’s presence?
Compassion - Self and Others — How did you express compassion?
Share last weeks impact and experiences.

Feedback -Two sides of FEEDBACK. How we receive & how we alter. . .
How do you receive Feedback?
Emotions - Gut - Intuition - Reactions of Others
How can you alter feedback?
Create new outcomes, results, and effects

The ego self wants everything to stay the same so it can feel in control. Forward movement and expansion is what your soul craves. This disconnect is what often creates discomfort. Think of your soul self as the loving guide and parent of your ego self, making the highest decisions for the entirety of you, knowing that with your care and guidance the ego will always settle into its new reality. When you are tending to all aspects of self you will find it much easier to surrender into the forward movement you seek.

Your LIFE WORK for the week.
Observe - 360 Awareness
Pay attention to feedback, stories, limiting beliefs
Pause, Shift, and alter your old reaction with a new Response.
Create an Antidote to replace the old worn out and unwanted
Create new feedback by telling a new story everyday.
Anchor in to Spirit - Connect with your inner POWER
Turn UP the Volume- Increase your SELF-LOVE
READ, Feel, Experience your Vision
Utilize your Planner -