Week 7 Mastering M.E. Mind and Emotions 

Video Playback Week 7  - March 11, 2019

Laying the foundation for your Success

Guidelines, understanding, and best practices for massive results.

Today's Lesson and Lifework

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Mastering M.E. - Mind & Emotions

Week 7 Self-Regulation

Lifework & Lesson  Week 7 Seven overview

  • Center
  • Intentions - personal and group
  • last weeks recap - Week 6
    • Quantum vs. Lineal
    • Judgment and Forgiveness
    • Finding the POWER and ENERGY in letting GO of _____
  • Self-Regulation

    Today’s lesson will introduce you to the theories, findings, and understandings as well as the significant of SELF-REGULATION.
    The skills involved in self-regulation are necessary for achieving success in life and reaching our most important goals, but probably the most valuable of all will the impact is has on ones overall well-being. Enjoy today’s lesson and may this week’s lifework take you deeper into your own ability to self-regulate and create the life you truly love and desire.

    Your LIFE WORK for the week.
    WATCH WELCOME video again — Getting the MOST out of this program
    Observe - 360 Awareness - Where can you expand this?
    Apply Self-Regulation - 8 Ways to Improve Self-Regulation
    List you core values
    Turn UP the Volume to your Belief in YOU - Self-Efficacy
    READ, Feel, Experience your Vision
    Utilize Planner - NEW action steps daily