Week 9 Mastering M.E. Mind and Emotions 

Video Playback Week 9  - March 25, 2019

Laying the foundation for your Success

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Today's Lesson and Lifework

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Mastering M.E. - Mind & Emotions

Week 9 - Integration - Doing the WORK

Lifework & Lesson  Week 8 Eight overview

  • Center
  • Intentions - personal and group
  • last weeks recap - Week 8
    • Surrender - Acceptance
    • Ho'oponopono and Serenity Prayer
  • Integrating - Doing the WORK
    Healing the Inner Child

    Today’s lesson is applying and connecting all that we have learned, modeled and embraced over the last 8 weeks. This week is about connecting all the lessons we are Mastering, it’s about connecting the dots and really doing what we came here for: THE WORK, Integrating - to combine with . . . to make whole. It’s about dealing with the dung or as psychologist refer to it Healing the Inner Child.
    Embrace inner power

    This week we learn to embrace, nurture, understand and educate that part of us that is still holding on so tightly to memories, beliefs or past events and preventing us for forward momentum.

    Your LIFE WORK for the week.
    HEAL, Integrate and become WHOLE
    READ, Feel, Experience your Vision
    Set Goals -TAKE NEW ACTION STEPS - Utilize your PLANNER