Mastering M.E. - Mind & Emotions

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STEP 1  Getting Started

Welcome to our 12-week journey together to

Mastering M.E.  - Mind & Emotions.

Over the next 12 weeks we will meet individually to go over your assessment and goals 2-3 time.  We will have weekly group coaching calls lasting approximately one-hour.   All group coaching calls will be recorded for your download and replay.    Every time you listen in again - You will have grown and you will begin to hear things you did not hear on the original call.    So feel free to keep listening and continue to expand your consciousness and your evolution.

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STEP 2 - The Assessment


Your Assessment is a fillable form and can be found here

This assessment is simply a starting point.    Do not put pressure upon your self or your answers.   There are no right or wrong answers.    This assessment can and will be altered whenever deemed necessary, even if that's tomorrow..  Please feel the NO PRESSURE statement.    When filling out the assessment, it is critically important to NOT BE IN YOUR HEAD about these answers.   This is where the EGO will have it's way with you.    Get centered, open your heart and begin.   Super simply.    Once you have completed it.

If you have not already created a folder on your computer for all your pertinent document and notes from Mastering M.E.    Now is the time to do that.

Next Save this form to your computer, Rename it with your Name first and put it in the folder you have created.   Also email me a copy of this assessment.

We will be doing another one in roughly 6 weeks.

Moving on...

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  • Life Mastery Assessment
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    STEP 3

    Your Coaching Preferences will be your next step.  It is important for both you and I to understand your preferences in how your would like to be coached.   While my style is evocative and I believe you already know what is best for you, I will guide the conversation, understanding and awareness when coaching and greater understanding is required.

    Please read over the entire sheet and sit with it for a bit before attempting to answer.    Before you answer connect with higher self or guidance as to your best interest in answering these questions.     How you did things yesterday is not how you will be doing them tomorrow.    You may be surprised at some of the answers you put down.   It is okay.   We will go over and gain clarity together.

    Safe the form in your folder, rename it with your name first and send me a copy of it in an email.   Also let me know in that email,  when will be good to connect and go over.

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    STEP 4

    Now we on to Charting your Course.   "No wind is favorable to the Captain who has no destination in mind"   You must, Yes MUST know what you want and who you wish to become, and how you wish to live.   YOU are now co-creating your life with the universe.

    Use this guide to assist you in your purpose and your vision.     Take your time and write your vision as if you are living it now.... I am so happy and grateful I moved in my dream home...  It is 3000+ sq. ft. lavishly furnished, 4 bedrooms , 5 baths,  with a massive home office -- MY view is to die for... I see the sun rise every morning when it is not veiled by clouds and the beautiful and breath-taking sunset from the totally awesome wrap-around deck  along the length of my beach front home.  -  You get ,,,,, use your vision and be as detailed and descriptive as you can.   Feel the energy in you as you begin to write and feel it.

    I can't wait...

    Share your vision with me when you have it complete.    I will calibrate it for you and add energy to it for your amplified YOU may wish to create it in a word document for frequent revisits and adding more clarity and specificity.

    Again save it to your folder, for future edits, revisions and recalibration.

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  • Charting your Course Your VISION
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    Your Transformational Journal

    STEP 5

    It's important that you begin a journal of your journey.   You will be able to look back at your thinking, your growth, your expansion and your success.

    This journal will allow you to begin to process the information more readily and easily and begin integrating more fully along the way.

    If you already keep a diary or journal by all means use yours - OF if a spiral bound notebook is best buddy - feel free to use your choice.   There are motivational quotes at the bottom of each page that will help you to go deeper into your own awareness to fuel the expansion.

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  • Transformation Journal
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    See below for a quick video on how to get the MOST out of the next 12-weeks.