Make My Monday Magic

What if every Monday you sprinkle a bit of fairy dust upon your day to create the magic and miracles that bring forth just the right people, situations and positive mojo for your success in the week ahead?     

What if words really are spells we cast upon ourselves?   What if every action we take is either lining you up with more goodness or the very blocks you wish to avoid?   What if stress is the greatest obstacle?

What if I can show you a practice that will start to align you with Making your Monday’s More Magical, would you be all in?   

Here’s the catch, you have to play full out.   Your results are determined by the level of your . . . . . . .  (drum roll please)    BETA

  1. Beliefs 
  2. Emotional engagement
  3. Thoughts you think
  4. Actions you take

So if you are STILL with me and YOU are choosing to play full out… Let’s get started with Making My Monday Magic.  I always start with the end in mind.   Do you?    Pause a moment – do you always start with the end in mind?    To Make My Monday Magic you MUST begin with the end in mind.    

The end I speak of IS to craft, create, and conjure up a most amazing and miraculous week ahead.   To align all my energies in ONE laser focused point to create all that is in my best behalf.   Can you get behind this?     

If so You are gonna love, yes love, Making My Monday Magic.  

You’ll need to intentionally follow, intend, share and take action.  A lot right?

If you know me – you’ve heard me share this before.  It applies here now.

FINO – Feel Invited Not Obligated

You do not need to read any further or follow along if this does not resonate with you…. YOU must be called to this on your own.   This is personal growth.  No one is forcing you to do anything.   

Every Monday I will post an actionable idea or thought for you to embrace for the week.    You MUST Follow, Intend, Share, Act  = FISA 

Engagement level 1

  1.   Follow the post weekly 
  2.   Intend –  with BETA (see above) 
  3.   Share – share the post or tag others in a comment
  4.   Act – take an action step in accordance with the post for the week

Engagement level 2   Includes level 1 + 

  1.   Follow and comment
  2.   Intend – and share your intentions
  3.   Share –  with bit of vulnerability, be authentic
  4.   Act – offer an act of kindness w/o expectation

Engagement level 3    Includes level 2 +

  1.   Follow – notice who else is following – expand your awareness + connect
  2.   Intend – goodness and happiness for others 
  3.   Share  – give where needed – your talent, praise, encouragement
  4.   Act – Listen, Learn, Lead – notice future action steps calling you to grow

Here’s how the MAGIC happens as you begin to engage with life in bigger and bolder ways.   

  • frequency and vibration increase
  • karma – every action has a like response
  • you notice what you are paying attention to
  • less stressed
  • more in control of you – Mastery
  • Magic flows freely 

Our thoughts create our feelings and from our thoughts and feelings we create our behavior – the actions we take or do not take.  

If we procrastinate, do nothing, or make excuses – rest assured there is an underlying emotion active or some stinkin thinking behind it.   

When things are flowing with life we feel good, aligned and happy.   When we feel blocked, challenged or like a victim in our reality, we generally find fault with the things around us and thus create that which we give focus to.   

Aligning yourself with The MAGIC of Life you are intentionally choosing to make a change and begin to bring in the good, grand and the greatness that you are. I call this your Spiritual Intelligence. It is as if you’ve just tuned your frequency dial into your Greatness and your peak potential and all the universe is aligning to bring it to you.     

Welcome to “Make My Monday Magic”.

Magic happens when you are fully engaged with life, yourself, and others.   How engaged are you? 

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