Leadership Mastermind Magic

IMAGINE . . . coaching, training,
masterminding, and growing
personally and professionally
ALL for ONLY $499 year
OR $55 per month

Learn to work SMARTER not harderPrioritize, Chunk, and Take ActionAutomate new HABITSVisualize for Maximum ResultsExpand CONSCIOUSNESSRaise your StandardEmpower Self & OthersShift ENERGYUP-LEVEL You, YOUR BUSINESS, and your LIFE

For all solo entrepreneurs, business executives, or want to be a better leaders.
Get ready to realize your peak potential and achieve massive results.
Guaranteed to assist you in reaching new levels of growth, development and Mastery.

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Leadership Coaching Circles
set you up for SUCCESS

Learn the power of the circle and organized intention.
Learn to use your Inner Power.

Imagine working fewer hours, having systems and structures of operations that not only simplify the process but free up valuable time and energy.

Envision for a moment, setting goals & reaching them ahead of schedule.

Visualize you have doubled your sales, clients and income.

Realize the massive benefits of expanded consciousness, 360 awareness and wellness.

Grow, Laugh, and Learn from other entrepreneurs and leaders serious about intention.

Expect Clarity, Confidence, Focus, and Growth!

Assessments and daily journalling provide us the ability to look back at our growth and development.

Personal and Professional Assessments are recommended quarterly and are done on your own in this program.

They are provided and encouraged for you to utilize for your highest and best growth.
Journalling is recommended daily as is meditation.

Personal Growth
SoftSkill Development
Emotional Strength & Intelligence
Greater Focus & Clarity
Calm Confident Decision Making
Articulate Communication
Enhanced Listening Skills
360 Awareness
Intuitive Development
Vision Creation
Rise in Confidence, Happiness, and Calm
Belief in YOU
We work on overcoming blocks, fears, and limiting thinking.
We plan and take action on our goals and visions.
We seek to expand consciousness and allow our authentic self to shine.

Leadership SUCCESS Circles
Designed to educate, grow and develop new skillsets, tools and mindset.

The mission shall you decide to accept it will be to become the best version of you.

The group will meet on the second Tuesday of every month for 90 minute call.
In this 90 min. call we will:
share wins
connect with others
Teaching / Training topics of growth each month
coaching on how to integrate and apply
Goal setting and action steps
You also have a coaching ONLY call on the first Friday of every month at noon. This is where you bring your challenges to work thru. This is where you move out of old habits and create new one.
Private group for sharing, supporting, getting advise, giving advise and testing the market.
Small mastermind groups – for weekly goals, growth and accountability.
Weekly check-ins and goal setting.

produce extraordinary results
because of these two key features.

#1 Key Feature - Mastermind

We may have heard about the infinite and amazing power in the mastermind group, but have you ever experienced it for yourself. Here is your opportunity.
Key to your success will be your desire, intentions and participation.

Coaching is the Key Feature #2

Coaching is said to offer the highest return on investment of any personal & professional growth product available. Leadership Success Circles is one way to get a taste of what coaching is; to try it, understand it and reap its rewards.

Get READY to Reach NEW Levels of Mastery.

Mastery happens when you shift your beliefs to match your desires.

What the mind of man can conceive it can achieve. ~Napolean Hill

Customers love the way COACHING has improved their lives...


  • Summer Ricketts
    Summer Ricketts - I am as delighted and fulfilled today by Donalee's fresh insight, perspective, and encouragement as I was three years ago when we first started coaching together.
  • Randy Dunn
    Randy Dunn - I've known and been working with Donalee for close to a year now. Her genuine, heart-centered approach and attitude towards growth and transformation are contagious and second to none. I've been participating in a coaching group with her and because of her guidance, patience and energy, I have been able to increase my own results beyond what I could have imagined up until now. She's the best!
  • David Wells
    David Wells - Knowing you makes me want to be a better person. I can't look at my life and who I am today without thinking of you. You helped me see me. But most of all you helped me see my misperceptions and beyond my limitations and blocks. Taking back my power, connecting to all of me has changed me to the core. I am so proud of the me that I get to be. Forever Blessed, Dave

PLUS, an added bonus
You will HAVE a
Complimentary Free Pass
to all workshops, webinars,
and public speaking

- Donalee Gastreich, PCC, LMC, CEO & Founder

Immediate access to my eBook on Self-Awareness

This will give you a jump start on your progress and allow you to hit the ground running.

Are YOU READY to say "YES" to investing in your growth?
and "YES" to Leadership Mastermind Magic?

You won't be disappointed.
Here is what you may get from Leadership Mastermind Magic:

Leadership success, better relationships, greater self-awareness, emotional intelligence, social awareness, and self-regulation.  Greater confidance, clarity, and communication skills.  Resilience and the ability to self-correct.

    • Confidence, Clarity and Focus
    • Self-Awareness
    • Emotional Stability and Intelligence
    • Resilience
    • Self-Efficacy
    • Self-Regulation
    • Intuition
    • Soft-skills enhanced
    • Freedom, time management, and productivity
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    • Transformational 90 minute Master Calls each month
    • 60 minutes of Laser Coaching
    • Group forum for support, feedback, ideas, and motivation
    • Free access to webinars, workshops, and interviews
    • Tribe of like minded difference makers to learn, grow and thrive with
    • Accountability and support in attaining goals and changing behaviors