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Three ways to play and pay

Most cost effective way to play & pay is $555/year
If that's a stretch, you can autopay $55/month.

Leadership Mastermind Magic

Pause and take in all the support that you'll get 90 Minute Mastermind Call60 Minute Laser Coaching CallOnline Group support for Sharing, celebrating wins, ideas, questions, marketing projects and accountability. Mini Mastermind groups for weekly goals, action steps, and accountability Free access to webinars and workshops, online and live.

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Autopay $55/mo
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    5 One hour coaching sessions

    Pouring an Extra Dose of Love on Me

      Payments accepted through PayPal, ApplePay, and check.
      Cancel when you are no longer getting anything out of it.
      Looking forward to growing and developing new personal bests with you.

      What others are saying

      • Ted   Business Owner
        Ted Business Owner - Most powerful group I have ever looked forward to. My growth has been exponential.
      • Tamara    New Entrepreneur
        Tamara New Entrepreneur - I had no idea I was going to come up against limiting beliefs and stories the way I did. Thank you for always helping me off the edge and offering me tools and processes to update my operating system. My business thanks you and I love you! I can't thank you enough for showing me my inner strength and power.
      • David Will
        David Will - Mastermind groups are so empowering and I look forward to that time each week. We started them in our organization and the results are astounding.

      Frequently Asked Questions

      What if I can't make call?

      Mastermind calls and Coaching calls will be recorded and you will be provided the link to the video replay and download for your own personal use.

      What if I get behind?

      No problem. You set your rules. You will set your goals, action steps and outcomes. If you need to pause a bit, we will be saying "Way to take notice". You'll get nothing but support here.

      Is it important that I work on the given topic for the month?

      Yes, the coaching and training portion does require you that do the work, the inner growth work. We cannot always see the effects of our inner work on soft skills, habits, and beliefs immediately, but over time it is this work that will make us most proud.

      Can I invite a friend from another country?

      Yes, In fact this a perfect way to boost your results. When you invite a friend or business partner  to join you in a year of growth, you will both grow and learn faster.   Having support amplifies your progress and your results.