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Educate - Engage - Empower

Educate -  Weekly training to expand self-awareness and give a focus to week. Monthly coaching calls to address your challenges and move you forward. 

Engage -   Your engagement each week and daily between lessons will be the fuel that ignites a powerful and promising start to knowing yourself and uncovering the hidden blocks, triggers, and challenges holding you back.   Engage anytime with group support, feedback, and accountability from other members via FB group.

Empower -  You will be empowered by your daily efforts in developing greater self-awareness.  Your confidence will rise as your Self-Awareness expands.  Self-Empowerment comes through heightened Self-Awareness.e-

We focus on all aspects of Self-Awareness, Emotional Awareness, and Social Awareness and strengthening your ability to Manage yourself. 

Mindset and Beliefs

Module 1

In module #1 you'll begin with internal self-awareness.

You'll start observing your mindset and beliefs.  You'll begin to see how your mindset controls your attitidue and behaviors.  This is where all conditioning begins, ancestrial, cultural, and societal.

Working with the data

Module 2

You will be empowered in this module.  This is where we begin to work with the data and feedback that is observed.

Everything you observe is feedback. You'll learn to removed the labels of good and bad to work with the data objectively.

Working with Emotions

Module 3

Monitoring and managaing mind and emotions.  In this module we go deper into our Emotional Intelliegence and work to unpack our triggers, traumas, and emotional upsets and outbursts. 

External Self-Awareness

Module 4

External self-awareness is how others perceive you. Rather than introspection, external self-awareness requires you to gather insights from the world around you

Social Awareness

Module 5

Social Awareness is the ability to take the perspective of and empathize with others from diverse backgrounds and cultures, to understand social and ethical norms for behavior, and to recognize family, school, and community resources and supports.


Module 6

Strengthening your ability to monitor and manage your SELF.   Management is taking 100% responsiblity and applying self-control in your best interest to achieve the change you desire.   Self-Empowerment is gained through expanding your Self-Awareness

How to chose the right option for you.

If you scored 30+ on your Assessment you should jump to Option 1 - Mastermind Magic

If you scored 29 or less 8 weeks to Greater Self-Awareness is the place to begin.

Option 1

Support in the form of a Mastermind group for maximum results and massive growth.  Mastermind Magic offers a combination of brainstorming, education, peer accountability and support in a group setting.  You'll be able to source ideas, overcome challenges, and take yourself and your career  to new heights.

2 Monthly Mastermind calls and 1 laser coaching call each month

FB group for interaction, feedback, ideas, and answers to your questions.

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8 weeks to Greater Self-Awareness

option 2

You'll get:  

8 modules of education and training, integration, and application

FB group for feedback, support and ideas.   Fast help when you need it.     

Monthly Live coaching calls

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Going it alone

option 3

Of course you can always choose to go the self-guided journey.   Follow me on FB and Instagram at Life Mastery with Donalee for posts and sharing on webinars and workshops that you can attend often at no charge or a small investment.   Stay informed and aware of future courses and more.  And reach out when you are ready to get a faster return on your measurable results.

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My employer recommended I work on Self-Awareness.   I had no idea all the feelings inside me had meaning and messages and what I wasn't seeing.   Best investment in me.

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George B

Information Technology 

I have always worked in teams and often felt I had little to contribute,  Greater SA allows me to see my contribution to the team and also my unique inner genius.

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Kenneth M

Greater Self-Awareness has opened doors for me I never thought possible.   Oh how little I believed in me before now. 

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Sharonda Phue


From career to relationships, I feel like I am a difference person, wiser, calmer, and more confidant.

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Sarah Phillips

Business owner, mom, and wife

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