WELCOME to HR Mapping - where HR Professionals get to
connect, share, and learn from one another.  

HR Mapping Sessions are held on the
Third Thursday of the month
HR Mapping Sessions are held on the
Third Thursday of the month

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Thank you for registering for HR Mapping where we'll map out a solution and forward action to move through some of the greatest challenges facing organizations today.   

Input, interaction and innovation all in one call.

Hi! My name is Donalee and I'm here to help

I am the creator and HOST of HR Mapping.  I'm here to help you with any questions or problems.  

HR Mapping was created to help HR professionals resolve the 5 Ds of Dysfunction currently afflicting businesses today.   The 5 Ds are Departures, Disengagement, Dissatisfaction, Distractions, and Division.   Are you suffering or struggling with any of these dysfunctions?

If you said yes, I'll see you in HR Mapping - the circle of support with your peers to move you forward and create an environment rich with change, advancement, and outcomes you wish to create.

Create a People Centric Culture!
Improve and Increase productivity, engagement and profits.
Learn to Attract, Retain and Train TOP Talent.




St. Charles, Missouri

9am - 5pm CST  Mon - Fri

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