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Have you evaluated what it's costing your company to do nothing? 
Have you assessed and detailed the lost productivity due to wellbeing alone?  What about engagement?
The #1 cause of a lack in productivity is ones health; whether physical, mental or emotional.  (think stress, fear, worry)
The #2 cause is a lack of engagement, connection and enjoyment in their work or workplace environment. 
If you are experiencing either of these HR MAPPING will help you navigate your way back to a thriving workplace.

Let's talk Workplace Wellness

Donalee Speaking on Flow

Hi! My name is Donalee Gastreich and I'm here to help you ADVANCE

As the founder and CEO at Complete Solutions and the author of Bringing Spirituality into Business, I've crafted a laser sharp focus on advancement and wellbeing.  I specialize in human behavior and how it impacts your success and stagnates your results.  Helping you leverage behavior change to drive results.

ABCs to master you and your results
Empowering peak potential
Limiting the blocks to your success

HR Mapping Introduction 




Resolving the 5 D's of Dysfunction and more

What ISSUES and CHALLENGES are consuming you?


If your organization has a high level of departures you can discern that there is something wrong.  Question is- what is it and how fast can you correct it?   If your time is spent on interviewing, on-boarding and off-boarding this IS not the best use of your time.

Disengaged or Engaged

A disengaged employee will cost your organization and employees time and money.  Most organizations aren't skilled at getting to the root cause of disengagement and try to teach and preach engagement  but get nowhere.  When an employee is engaged in their work, they're often happier, fulfilled and dedicated.

Dissatisfied or Satisfied

Why are your employees dissatisfied?  Assessments and questionnaires will make your job easier by allowing your people to tell you why.  Fact, when people are satisfied they feel valued; and  their contribution is appreciated.  This is key to tenure and retention.  

Disruptions and Distractions 

Lost productivity is due to many factors - some that only the individual can control.   There are also shifts that your organization can make to limit disruptions and distractions and ultimately improve productivity. But what if you also educated employees on stress management, mental health, and better self-care?

Divided workforce

Is there a big divide amongst your employees?  Division is a big block to solutions and success.  When your team works together they actually empower one another as well as the team to reach solutions and experience the success they sought.

When your employees can see the value they bring, they will begin to see the value in others.  You cannot end the division without getting to the root issue of the divide.   

Managing Hybrid Work Environment

We have experienced a massive change in how we orchestrate our organizations. We now have workers at home and in the office.  How do we manage and master this hybrid style with incorporating the culture and trainings that create and stimulate both growth and engagement?   This is what we will be discussing, discerning, and deciding on.

No limits

When up-skilling and up-leveling individuals is your aim, people will begin to see improvement in all areas of life, not just in their career.  This is powerful.  When their relationships improve, they improve their health and wellbeing, and find greater meaning and purpose these things begin to shift their happiness and joy. 

Mindfulness & Mindset

There is power in slowing down to speed up.   There is Power in a PAUSE.  Have you brought mindfulness training into your organization?   If not, why not?  

Peak Potential

Yes, imagine a workplace where everyone was reaching, achieving and pushing into new levels of peak potential.   THIS is evolution.   

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