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Spiritual Intelligence is the ultimate intelligence.

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Boldly Bringing Spirituality into Business, Donalee Gastreich uses her book and book club to bring transformation to organization and their people.   A true game-changer for businesses and a powerful tool to aid individuals to develop their peak potential and greater meaning and purpose in their life and contribution.  

She is the author of Bringing Spirituality into Business, Know yourself, Grow yourself, Live Life Empowered and co-author in Rising with Resilience.  

She's know for evoking ones Greatness and helping you go further faster.   She's a difference maker,  human rights advocate, and a champion for helping others live a life they love.   She loves astrology and human design and show they both align us with our spiritual intelligence.  How they show us the way. 

Author, Speaker, Content Creator, Facilitator, and Guide

Founder and CEO at Complete Solutions LLC

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Listening to that still small voice within Donalee Gastreich founded Complete Solutions in 2008. In the midst of both a world crisis and a personal challenges she calls from hell to healing and now bestselling author, content creator, business trainer and transformation expert is boldly Bringing Spirituality into Business.

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Donalee Gastreich, founded Complete Solutions in 2008, as the path to living her souls mission and work. Since 2008, through the world crisis and her own health struggles she overcame adversity again and again. Now a bestselling author, content creator, business trainer and transformation expert Donalee enjoys helping businesses up-skill, up-level and fully invest in their greatest assets.

She is boldly Bringing Spirituality into Business as a means to lead people and organizations back to THRIVING. Her program will end the departures, disengagement, and dissatisfaction in the workplace and helps people recover, reskill, and renew from the effects of the pandemic.

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As a reflector by human design terms, I believe all reflectors have a gift with their openness that allows them to invite in more of their spiritual nature to both guide and empower them.

Interview Questions

When did your path to Spirituality begin?

What is Spirituality? 

When did you find out you are a Reflector?

What prompted you to write Bringing Spirituality into Business? 

How does your grand cross in fixed signs aid you?

What is the overall message in the book?  

What are some of the results one might see from Bringing Spirituality into Business?

How has understanding your brith chart helped you?  

How has understanding your human design helped you?

How does Spirituality help with ones happiness?

What has been your greatest struggle in life?  

What has been your greatest joy in life?  

How do you measure success? 

How has knowing you are a RAX of Consciousness 4 aided you? 

What has helped you most in your Human Design chart?

What are the ABC's to master oneself?  

What is transcendent awareness?

You talk about the science of spirituality, can you share more on this?

What is meant by a "bigger picture view" and how does it relate to reflectors?

What's your current "bigger picture view"?

How can one find out more?   

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Complete Solutions to  bringing forth your greatness.   

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