Holiday’s, Resilience, and the 7 C’s

RESILIENCE and the 7 C’s to making holiday’s less stressful.

Holidays are stressful.  

The holiday stress is different for all.  What is it for you?  Maybe it’s the preparation, getting it all right, and not forgetting anything or anyone; or maybe you feel the pressure to show up, or the financial aspect, or the uncomfortableness of socializing.  We don’t get to measure stress by which one your experience, all stress has the same effect, when not managed and released. 

Some feel the holiday stress from unresolved or underlying issues, memories, and past events that haunt the mind and creates anxiety before the day arrives.  And then there is the loss of loved ones no longer present and the painful reminder, loneliness, and grief that it brings forth.  This can be a sad and depressing time for many.

So how does one cope with the roller coaster of emotions, the busy mind creating all the what if’s that may never happen or the fears and anxiety that the holidays may bring up?  

The best way is to have a plan of action.  It’s knowing your options, coping skills, and plans to bounce back in advance. 

Resilience is ones ability to bounce back from adversity and difficulties. This toughness of sorts is best developed before you need it. 

It was Dr Ginsburg, child pediatrician and human development expert, who introduced the 7 integral and interrelated components that make up being resilient – competence, confidence, connection, character, contribution, coping and control.

For one to do well in the face of serious distress typically requires they have a biological resistance to adversity, strong coping skills, and/or the resilience to bounce back quickly.  This requires a combination of inward and outward awareness, adaptive skill-building, positive experiences, and pre-planning to lay the foundation.  

Each of these 7 C’s are explained briefly here and are taught and strengthened in the almost all that we do at Complete Solutions; in our trainings/workshops, the Winner’s Circle’s and the book club for Bringing Spirituality into Business, Know Yourself, Grow Yourself, Live Life Empowered.  Also offered as part of our Workplace Wellness program, corporate training, and lunch-n-learns. 

Competence – is the ability and know how to handle stressful situations effectively. It requires having the skills to face challenges, the courage to stay with it, and having had the opportunity to practice using these skills so that one feels competent in dealing with situations. It taps into uncertainty as well as faith and trust.  What if you knew you had the competency to handle your holiday gatherings with ease?   Complete Solutions offers trainings and group work to advance self-awareness, stress-reduction and the social skills necessary to enhance ones competence.

Confidence – is the belief in your own abilities and is deeply rooted in competence. You gain confidence by being able to demonstrate competence in real situations. Both the Winner’s Circle and book club enhances self-confidence by identifying your individual strengths and when you are able to notice your strengths and watch them soar you’ll be self-motivated to overcome challenges.  This holiday season attend your family gathering with the confidence in your ability to Observe yourself and others and speak kindness or say nothing.

Connection – those with close ties to friends, family, and community groups are likely to have a stronger sense of safety, security and a sense of belonging. When one feels connected they are more likely to have strong values and less likely to seek out destructive behaviors. Complete Solutions fosters a sense of belonging in all our offerings and we discuss ways you can strengthen and build better connections.   This holiday season imagine a close connection with all in attendance – whether you already have that connection or wish to establish it.   

Character – those with “character” enjoy a strong sense of self-worth and confidence. They are in touch with their core values and are comfortable honoring them. They usually demonstrate a caring attitude towards others. They have a strong sense of right and wrong and are confident in making wise choices and contribute to the world. Complete Solutions aims to strengthen character through enhancing self-esteem with greater awareness to not only ones self but others through empathy, kindness and caring.  This holiday season show up strongly rooted in knowing your self-worth and don’t allow anyone or anything to alter this.

Contribution – is one of our 6 basic human needs, and the powerful reminder that the world is a better place because you are in it. Hearing the thank you’s and appreciation when you contribute increases ones willingness to take actions and make choices that improve the world, thereby enhancing their own competence, character, and sense of connection. In the Winner’s Circle and book club participants are called to look at, observe and evaluate their contribution in relationships, family, in community, and their career.   Further expression of ones contribution to society is elevated with higher consciousness.   This holiday season let your contribution to others be one of love, peace, and joy.

Coping – those who have a wide repertoire of coping skills (self-awareness, social awareness, soft-skills, stress management skills) are able to cope effectively and are better prepared to overcome the challenges of life. Complete Solutions offers you a simple 3 step process to learning to monitor, manage, and master ones everyday situations and stresses.   This holiday season plan in advance 1 or 2 coping skills you will call upon if and when necessary to bring you back to your sense of self-worth.

Control – once you realize YOU have control over your decisions and actions, you are more likely to know how to make choices in ways that help you bounce back from life’s challenges. Complete Solutions knows you can’t control what goes on outside of you, but you have full control over your response and reaction to all circumstances. Our powerful trainings and groups aim to provide leaders with the ability to remain calm in the midst of a storm and the awareness to how they wish to think and act, and the strength to make wise decisions that demonstrate mastery and control.   This holiday season remember you control your decisions and action – you control how you feel and what you say and how you respond.   No one and nothing is controlling you but you.

Allow COMPLETE SOLUTIONS to bring you and your team the Complete Solutions to master you and your results.  When organizations invest in their people, their people take themselves, others, and the organization SOARING to NEW HEIGHTS.   

At Complete Solutions we believe in personal empowerment, actualizing ones gifts and talents, and increasing ones growth and contribution.