Future Needed Skills

Future Need Skills

The impact of AI, automation, and innovation is creating a ripple of change.   Are you ready?     How affected will you be?  How will you handle it?

The article Artificial Intelligence: The Robots are NOW Hiring, written by Hilke Schellmann and Jason Bellini published on Sept. 20, 2018 in The Wall Street Journal clearly demonstrates how advanced and precise technology is becoming.

What this article shows me is . . .

  • How every thought and every emotion we hold has a reaction and response in our body.
  • That business is gaining clarity in what they seek.
  • That the most time consuming tasks can be shortened.
  • That the individual interviewing for the position needs to be in control of their mind and emotions.
  • How important it is to invest in our own personal and professional growth and development.

Microexpression is a term that I believe will be on the minds of many in the coming days, months and years.    Wikipedia says that it is difficult/impossible to hide microexpression reactions.  A microexpression is the innate result of a voluntary and involuntary emotional response that conflicts with one another.   More on this in another blog.

With the advancement into AI and automation to create better results, faster we need to look at the skills and growth necessary for human growth, development and evolution.    We can fear AI or we can focus on our real concerns.  For each, this will be as unique and individual as we are.  Our true concerns should be those that we have control over.   For those developing the coding and algorithms to drive AI its probably 360 awareness, complex problem solving, and cognitive flexibility.  For most of us it may be our own reactions and responses to our environment.   Understanding emotions and what they truly represent are high on the professional development list of desired skills to master.  The World Economic Forum states Emotional Intelligence and cognitive flexibility both on their list of skills you will need to thrive in 2020.

The dictionary describes Emotions -as a natural instinctive state of mind deriving from one’s circumstances, mood, or relationships with others.   Emotions are an individual response based on the meaning that we apply to a circumstance, situation or person.  Human beings have the ability to control, manage and master their emotions.    Does that mean we lose the ability to feel or experience emotions?   NO, It simply means that we have an emotion but the emotion does not have us.  It means that we are detached from the emotion.  Here’s a simple example:  Last week I experienced a lot of rain where I was and missed out on catching the sunrise and my morning walk.  So much so that I acknowledged a sense or feeling of loss.   I missed seeing the sunrise.  ?  It was late morning when I realized I was still holding on to the disappointment.  We do not need to wear the emotion like a badge of honor.  For me this was simply self perpetuating my disappointment.   So how does all this help in the understanding of where we are headed in our reality?   These emotions are recognizable to others.   They are felt as energy, and displayed in the body posture, facial expressions and even in the tone of our voice.  And yes, they limit us from our full potential; they distract, delay and dam our progress.

Emotional Intelligence is

With the advancement of technology we are becoming more advanced as a species.   We are forced to develop the inner soft skills required to advance to new levels of consciousness, innovation, and visionary leadership.   Many interviewers already possess the skills and tools necessary to read body language, energy levels, state of mind, confidence, mindset and the precise skills, abilities, and mindset required for their culture and the position to be filled.    But now with the advancement of the robot interviewer, how will this affect us as a whole?

My takeaway for the business or organization is:

  1. Investment in developing skillsets and mindsets for future growth is critical. We must invest now in the skills and culture that embraces growth, development, and innovation.
  2. Open analyzation looking at all the operations of business with an open mind to incorporating innovation that advances, but with forward thinking and 360 awareness allowing us to foresee limitations and outcomes before deployment of change. We must understand and apply successful, effective Change Management.
  3. Organizations must create proper team building and masterminding for exponential growth and results with 360 awareness. Development/Implementation as well as Review/Analyzation of AI data is of utmost importance. Conscious leadership and team-building.

My take away for the Individual:  What does this mean for an employee?

  1. Personal growth, development, and mindset matters to the employer.
  2. Individuals must be clear on what they seek in a job, company and future, because if they are not their very own microexpressions will display the contradictions. What skills, assets and strengths do you possess?  How qualified are you?  Micro expressions are easily read by skilled individuals and machines and used more frequently today than ever before.
  3. State of mind and emotions are outwardly displayed as facial movements, expressions and tensions that the skilled interviewer and robots are trained to look for and recognize. What signals are you sending?

As we embrace advancement in technology and AI that bring forth new processes and procedures in business, we MUST also embrace equal advancements within the individuals.    We must continue to grow, learn and master new levels of leadership, empowerment, influence and innovation.    We can hide nothing.  Everything about us is seen, felt, and known by machines and yes people.   It is

What’s your take-away from this article or from the video which sparked this article.  Please share your comments below.    My intention in writing it is to share my perspective, take-away and utilization of the opportunities and advancement it offers individually and collectively.