Engaging in The Shift

Engaging in The SHIFT; Claiming Higher Consciousness

 The Shift in Consciousness currently unfolding is reshaping our reality and perceptions and influencing our practices, processes, and beliefs.   

Part one of this post can be found here.   If you haven’t read it, please do, it lays the foundation for your understanding. 

This message is a deeper awareness into my understanding and experience of the Shift in Consciousness happening and hopefully helping you to shift along with it and ultimately increase your human intelligence.

Dimensions and Consciousness

As we navigate our ongoing human evolution, the Shift in Consciousness, we are presented a significant restructuring that requires our prompt attention and proactive engagement. This transformative journey involves transitioning from a 3D reality, passing through 4D, and progressing towards 5D. These dimensions symbolize levels and layers of consciousness, each offering distinct characteristics and ways of experiencing reality.

Empowering individuals with awareness of these dimensions is crucial, especially in the workplace. This knowledge serves as a roadmap for making informed choices and navigating the course ahead. Imagine bringing this awareness into the workplace, enabling every individual to guide their own transformational journey and shift to higher states of consciousness amidst the uncertainty.   Do you see what I see?

I believe it imperative to start with business.  First, because they have the most to gain from the shift.  Second, because we’ve entered an era of empowering the people.  Third, because it’s where the shift can happen the fastest and with the greatest support.  Yes when the whole organization is on-board, talking about it, applying it, and self-aware of the subtle nuances the learning curve is greatly reduced.

Rational Mind

Our rational mind, developed as a response to the Fall of Consciousness. It has kept humanity focused in the three-dimensional realm for thousands of years. While a valuable tool, fear and misuse have confined the rational mind to limitation, hindering our awareness and spiritual ranges of choice. However, the dynamics are changing as humanity moves forward.  Navigating these changes may require support. 

Access to Higher Mind will begin to distill the practical essence from each of the five senses while seemingly cultivate a 6th sense and advance us in technologies that “collapse time and space”.  The fax machine is a good example of how technology removed former barriers of both time and distance. The related brain development to telecommunications will be an increase in human telepathy in the coming generations. As usage of the brain increases, humanity overall will be able to understand and apply more of these concepts.

Moving Forward

The single most important choice you can make is you experiencing yourself in the present moment. As human intelligence expands, we become conscious of being conscious, opening up new options and choices. Intentions play a pivotal role during these changing times, guiding us toward higher consciousness with ease, efficiency, and empowerment.

The new energies available offer spaciousness, calm, and quiet, liberating courage and confidence from the shadows of darkness. The shift from reacting to the environment to making conscious choices brings flexibility and possibility. You’ll find an array of new choices available, which allows for a wider range of possibilities, fostering well-being, happiness, and realignment within the heart.  Think ease and efficiency as these updates are coming online for you.

Conscious Choice and Higher States of Consciousness

Choosing consciously widens possibilities, leading to well-being, happiness, and alignment within the heart. Recognizing the tools, skills, concepts, and opportunities can bring about profound changes. Stepping out of reactive habits, trusting inner guidance, and relinquishing experiences of lack, weakness, fear, and doubt become possible.

Are you Ready?

If you chose to collaborate with me, you’ll establish a new fresh reference point, a new set point, up-leveling your default state. This allows you, in moments of unconsciousness, to automatically maintain your energy at elevated levels, preserving your frequency for sustained expansion into realms of heightened awareness, increased opportunities, boundless possibilities, and untapped potential.

Ready to SHIFT? Join Me in the Winner’s Circle.

Embrace with earnestness, this Shift in Consciousness, to unleash more of your peak potential and increase human intelligence. It’s time to navigate the transformative journey, make conscious choices, and shape a harmonious and enlightened future. 

Are you ready to SHIFT? Join me in the Winner’s Circle and be part of this profound evolution.