Empowered in the Shift

Empowered in the SHIFT

The Shift in Consciousness currently unfolding is reshaping our reality and perceptions, influencing our practices, processes, and beliefs. Everything is changing and shifting—are you aware?

This ongoing transition to higher states of consciousness is expanding our awareness to more—more options, opportunities, ideas, creations, capabilities, and possibilities. We are noticing opportunities that were not previously available in our awareness.

This article marks the third and final segment in this series on the SHIFT. If you missed the others, here are the links: “Embracing the Shift,” which lays the foundation for your awareness and understanding, and “Engaging in the Shift,” providing insights to help you engage in your own evolution and upgrade your human intelligence.

This last segment focuses on the empowered, up-leveled you that is coming online. Take a moment to pause and reflect. Notice what you’ve been noticing, notice what’s different, new and exciting for you. Notice your recent struggles, setbacks, and distractions and notice your response to them.

I’ll do my best to put words to the Shift in Consciousness happening because to really grasp it – IT must be experienced, embraced, and actively engaged in.

The biggest differences in higher states of consciousness include:

  • Rise in Positivity.
  • Continuous Growth.
  • Plentiful Resources.
  • Everything comes to you.
  • Peace and joy are natural and constant.
  • Ideas, options, opportunities are abundant.
  • Accessing higher mind comes easily and naturally.

It’s as if we need to learn to listen to our bodies in new ways—listening with our bodies or through our bodies. Many in my community say it feels as if they absorb information and wisdom comes as a download. We need NEW ways to interpret and understand our expanded capacities. It can feel like learning a new language without the tools, help, or support to translate. Can you relate?

Previously, it seemed that thoughts were generated from outside of us. From actions, events, and circumstances we partake in or are aware of. Old ways taught us to look outside for happiness, success, and all we needed and wanted. We are taught to go to school, read books, and connect with mentors, doctors, teachers, and counselors to gain knowledge, to learn and grow.


Some of the old ways are dissolving and disappearing. Many structures are falling away and new ones arising. Don’t waste time trying to fix things. Don’t get caught up in all the drama, news and media coverage. Don’t be lured by the scams, deception and deceit. The Shift in Consciousness is elevating us to see a bigger picture view and connect the dots. We are all being called to revisit our beliefs, core values, and how we utilize energy, connection, and our purpose here.

While what is falling away or becoming obsolete is vast and varied, here are some of the basics we’ve been discussing in my communities. Stress, doubt, anxiety, and negativity are being replaced with personal strengths allowing individuals to monitor, manage, and master themselves and their results. The intellect is less needed as higher mind provides a more complete knowing and understanding. Judgment falls away and deep curiosity stands in its place. There is so much more to share, but you’ll need to join me and my communities to have access to more.


Neuroscience says consciousness is generated by and localized in the brain because it emerges from brain activity. This is not the experience I relate to nor others in my community. We believe neuroscience will be exploring consciousness more in the coming years and revamping this idea.

Alternatively, others propose that consciousness may not originate in the brain, although some aspects of human perception of consciousness may be dependent on the brain. It is thought that consciousness is a fundamental aspect of reality and the very fabric of the universe.

Wikipedia says, Consciousness, at its simplest, is awareness of internal and external existence. However, its nature has led to millennia of analyses, explanations and debate by philosophers, theologians, and all of science. Opinions differ about what exactly needs to be studied or even considered consciousness.

The Shift in Consciousness is allowing us to be conscious of being conscious.

More of what others proclaim is happening in the Shift:

  • 12-strand DNA is being activated.
  • The light body is being activated and upgraded.
  • Humanity is being upgraded.
  • Heart intelligence energetics are intensifying.
  • Our metabolism and food sources best serving our higher-functioning selves are being upgraded.
  • Our glandular system is being upgraded.
  • Even our physical structure seems to be getting tweaked and adjusted, often on one side of the body.

Here’s what I’m noticing, embodying, and bringing to my community.

Our senses, especially sight and hearing, are undergoing adjustments. Higher sensing is coming online (the ‘clairs’).

Our chakras are clearing and expanding. Our electro magnetics are ringing. We may feel odd sensations as meridians clear and chi flows with greater strength—tingles, vibrating, sparkles, buzzing, heat, cold, etheric touches, pokes.

Our experiences are shifting—like walking in two worlds, experiencing lucid dreaming, receiving communications from those who’ve passed over, and connecting with higher beings, celestials, and guides.

Our method of acquiring data is expanding and teachings, instructions, codes, symbols, and light languages are being absorbed through the body.

Our BS meters are highly active and sensitive, informing us of truths both external and internal – like who we really are and what our mission is.

Our ability to feel and recognize higher levels of love, compassion, and oneness are here.

Our heart center is expanding, increasing capacity to encompass the world and beyond. Synchronicities and manifestations abound.

Our unexplainable experiences of mini white light flashes, some while sleeping or in a dream state, others while wide awake.

Perhaps best of all, we are experiencing a grander taste of our incredible Infinite Multidimensional Self.

If you are called to be in a community of support, direction, growth, and collaboration to aid your enhancements, look no further.

JOIN ME and my community to elevate and evolve your Self to access more of your inner resources and increase Human Intelligence. Schedule here.

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