Embracing The Shift

 Embracing The Shift: A Journey Into Conscious Awakening

The “Shift in Consciousness” is a profound transformation currently unfolding, reshaping our reality and perceptions of the world. This monumental transition encompasses the planet, influencing humanity’s practices, processes, and beliefs.   Something we should all be aware of, learning and integrating.

Throughout our life’s journey, many of us have played the societal game, striving to conform to established norms and seeking a “better” life. Paradoxically, this pursuit for more has led to less happiness, contentment, and satisfaction. In the push to accumulate possessions and achievements, we find ourselves with less time for the simple joys of life, sensing an unsettling feeling that something valuable has been sacrificed.

Amid this pursuit, we’ve lost a fundamental aspect of ourselves. Despite material wealth, we feel physically ill, emotionally unhappy, mentally exhausted, and spiritually unclear about who we truly are. The SHIFT is changing this; it’s changing us.

The Shift in Consciousness awakens the realization that true fulfillment lies not in external pursuits but in reconnecting with the elements that genuinely nourish our being.  We are re- engaging with our inner resources and increasing human intelligence.  Recognizing imbalances, we ask: “What’s truly important? What brings genuine happiness?” The answer lies not in material possessions but in gaining more of the “me” within. We are beginning to remember who we are.

In our relentless pursuit of success, we left a significant part of ourselves behind. We exchanged values and became disconnected from our “Inner Guidance.” The Shift fosters cooperation, support, and understanding, cultivating profound trust, friendship, and compassion.


The Shift unfolds within humanity’s hearts, initiating a global “awakening of consciousness.” A newfound passion emerges, recognizing our individual significance and unique contributions. This awakening consciousness signifies a shift propelling us into a higher dimensional awareness and a more aligned way of life. We are “becoming aware of being aware.”

The Shift broadens our awareness, reshaping our comprehension of our true selves beyond the analytical and rational mind. Rooted in our innate knowingness, higher mind, and inner guidance system, self-discovery unfolds. We shed layers of who-we-are-not, challenging and transforming our beliefs, thoughts, and concepts.

As we look within, we realize we are multi-dimensional spiritual beings, aligning with a Higher Truth and Higher Mind. This transformation acknowledges our own truth as the creator of happiness, success, and balanced health, simplifying our life path.

This newfound knowing and shedding of old ways challenge many, leading to internal upheaval as old structures of belief, memories, and stories are no longer true or supportive. For some, struggling to let go feels like a war for their beliefs. Embracing this shift is not just a choice; it’s a transformative journey toward a more awakened and conscious existence.

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