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Week 3

Role play for learning, comfort and expereince.

Thank you for being here, Thank you for saying YES.   

All we do and create in life ----- Begins with a VISION.   In week 1 we laid a foundation for your intentions in hosting and facilitating a book club whether your own or for me or others.  This week you will craft your VISION  including both Achieving and Awakened Awareness.   

Include - Impact, Influence, Intellect, Intuition, Imagination, and Inquiry

Express and articulate WHY you are here,  what you bring - give and receive from your role as a facilitator.   

This week we learn that confidence is actually something we build and strengthen daily.  It isn't a point to reach and relax.   Confidence comes from moving into and thru our experiences and it doesn't matter if we felt successful or learned from our experience.

HOMEWORK -  Craft an elevator pitch of 100 words or less letting others know what you do and how you can help them.   This is a brief BIO of you and your specialty, mentioning your business. 

Next craft a 3 minute video that I can post on my Website to introduce you to others.   This video needs to share who you are and your passion for what you do.   

1.  What is your area of expertise?

2. How it helps others.

3. Why you chose to facilitate.

Plan on roughly 1 minute for each of the three talking points.   Tie in your business to #3.  

Have FUN with this. 

Check out the video at the right - Consciousness and Spirituality

Your Facilitator

Meet Donalee, the author of Bringing Spirituality into Business and the creator of the Book Club.   Her aim is to offer a fast and easy path to coming home to all that you are and living a life you truly love and enjoy.   Her aim is providing you tools with her ABC's to mastering you and your results.  

Donalee Gastreich

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Bringing Spirituality into Business

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