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Week 2

Tools for successful and impactful group interaction

Thank you for being here, Thank you for saying YES.   

This week we go a bit deeper into some Truths, Facts, Science and tools for successful and impactful group interaction.   Enjoy the podcast interview with Lisa, titled "This is your brain on spirituality".   See to the right - where I link you to the webpage where I read to you ---"The study showed that activity in the parietal cortex -- an area of the brain involved in awareness of self and others as well as attention processing -- seems to be a common element among individuals who have experienced a variety of spiritual experiences."

I hope you can begin to see that your very intention and attention to "AWARENESS" is activating a part of your brain and advancing you.

WHAT are your concerns, fears or worries about hosting and facilitating your book club?   

What do you think will aid you in having an impactful group experience for all?

As a guide to facilitate others on this journey YOU are who they look to.  Your examples, instructions and guidance.    In laying out the plan for the  call, to laying forth the directions for the breakout rooms and time limit on sharing.   All of it needs to come from you with clarity.   

This week we begin with going over the homework from last week.  

Then I'll jump around a bit in the Awakened Brain to share a few facts that will aid your group facilitation. 

This weeks HOMEWORK,  is just to read the book, The Awakened Brain, by Lisa Miller Phd and Scientist validating Spirituality through neuroscience.   

OH an to ponder the questions from the call and last weeks homework that may have been left incomplete.      Smile, YOU GOT THIS.   Everything is always working out just right.    

And lastly - Listen to the video - I've linked to the right of this message. -  Interview - This is your brain on spirituality. - with Lisa Miller.   


Your Facilitator

Meet Donalee, the author of Bringing Spirituality into Business and the creator of the Book Club.   Her aim is to offer a fast and easy path to coming home to all that you are and living a life you truly love and enjoy.   Her aim is providing you tools with her ABC's to mastering you and your results.  

Donalee Gastreich

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