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Week 1

Laying the foundation

Thank you for being here, Thank you for saying YES.   

We started and ended this session with understanding the value of both questions and answers as well as participation.   This is the foundation of the work you will do. We noted that ones participation in the book club allows them to reflect upon the chapter and how it relates to them.  Personal awareness is GOLDEN  and part our path home to all that we are. 

Why are you here? What do you want to gain from Facilitator Training?

As a guide to facilitate others on this journey WE MUST model what is taught and activated within us ——as our natural, organic, and innate ability to not only experience transcendent relationships but to engineer them in our lives.

So I shared will you a process to allow you to engineer transcendent relationships and experiences.

And  we talked about Bridging the Gap and Integrating and how so very similar or the same they are.   But what we are really doing is collapsing the bridge - allow it to disintegrate and merging into our wholeness, all that we are. 

I left you with some HOMEWORK,  which included the book, The Awakened Brain, by Lisa Miller Phd and Scientist validating Spirituality through neuroscience.   

Your Facilitator

Meet Donalee, the author of Bringing Spirituality into Business and the creator of the Book Club.   Her aim is to offer a fast and easy path to coming home to all that you are and living a life you truly love and enjoy.   Her aim is providing you tools with her ABC's to mastering you and your results.  

Donalee Gastreich

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Bringing Spirituality into Business

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