Facilitator Training

Empowering others by Bringing Spirituality into Business

Meeting on Zoom on Thursdays at Noon CST.   We start on January 12th, 2023 and will continue for the next 5 weeks.   

The link to JOIN the ZOOM call is 


You will need to get the book, The Awakened Brain, by Lisa Miller

Best practices to aid the training.  

Bring a notebook for your exercises, journalling, and note taking.

Bring water to stay hydrated.   

Come to the call a few minutes early and practice mindfulness to center yourself before we begin.  

SOFT  Course Objectives - Subject to change

Spiritual Intelligence is the Ultimate Intelligence.   It is innate in all of us.   

week 1 -   Foundation - Connect with your council,  Transcendent Awareness

week 2 -   Tools for Success, Science and facts -work of Dr. Lisa Miller 

week 3 -   Awakened Awareness, Building a spiritual core - Role Play - Gain Comfort

week 4 -  Set-up & Interaction  - weaving your style and personality into presenting

week 5 -  Situational Awareness, Heart Mind Coherence, Sharing your Experiences

Course Objectives

Preparation and training for facilitating your book club or mine
Grow Spiritual Intelligence
Advanced leadership skills for empowering others
Igniting and advancing your spiritual core.

Your Course Facilitator

Donalee Gastreich

Author, Speaker, Guide

Bringing Spirituality into the Business of all we do. 

Bringing Spirituality into Business - Facilitator Training

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