COACHING for Organizations, Teams, and Individuals


Executive and Leadership Coaching for Individuals, Teams, and Organizations

Complete Solutions in Life Mastery offers programs designed to UP-LEVEL leaders to reach new heights in their leadership, influence, and impact. Whether it’s improving communication styles, developing a compelling vision, or removing blocks – we’re here to help you get to the next level.

Customized programs to UP-LEVEL individuals, teams, organizations, and cultures.

Group and Individual Coaching

What We Do

We help leaders at all levels develop the skills necessary to succeed and advance in an increasingly complex world. Whether it’s honing communication skills, building a vision, achieving exceptional results, developing 360 awareness or prioritization, we’re here to help.

Offering coaching programs to continually advance  top-level leadership (C-Suite, Partners, Founders) and growth and development for mid-level leaders who are either new-in-role or seeking to gain responsibility and advance personal skills while developing coaching skills to advance your team.



Customized and Personalized Approach

We strive to build environments where the conditions for success are optimized through organizational buy-in and support creating a cultural shift towards a shared collective vision.

We use assessments to evaluate current levels and areas of growth and development to begin the process and regularly revisit the assessment process throughout the coaching programs for measurable results and continual advancement.

Using a structured and personalized approach, we create a development plan that focuses on the needs of our clients in the context of their organizational and personal goals. Our goal is to meet leaders where they are.  We like to understand the big picture while advancing a manageable set of tangible goals.


Results and Lasting Change

We’re experts at coaching.  UP-Leveling you to new levels of leadership, while advancing skills, and increasing 360 awareness  to create lasting and sustainable results.

We do this by leveraging methods and tools from past, present and future leadership theory and incorporating a combination of teaching, coaching, and integration.   Methods may include group coaching, 1:1 coaching, 360 reviews, assessments, workplace exercises, visioning, neuroplasticity, interpersonal dynamics training, and live workshops and laser coaching.


We succeed by:

  • fully understanding goals & objectives
  • using deep listening and clear communication
  • assuring organizational buy-in and integration
  • assuring the foundational conditions of mutual respect and trust
  • deepening personal and organizational understanding
  • building on frameworks from awareness training and mindfulness to inner personal skills

We pride ourselves on continually monitoring progress, remaining open to changes in direction and trying different approaches should some paths seem more favorable than others.

A Structured Approach

Our number one goal on every coaching call is centered around one question, "How can we best aid our clients to resolve the issue they’re currently facing?"   The next question is "How can we grow them beyond their current mindset and skillset?"

We strive to keep your personal goals at the forefront while expanding higher consciousness, 360 awareness and developing the soft (inner) skills to unleash the genius and creative visionary within.

Using a holistic approach, all coaching programs aim to develop one
physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually.

Soft skills seem to be the most under-developed skills at all levels of human development.  These are those attributes and skills that are much harder to define and evaluate and yet so extremely valuable and important to fully master.

Soft Skills Include:

Active Listening
Time Management

State of Mind
Creative Thinking
Decision Making
Critical Thinking

Work Ethic
Complex Problem Solving
Conflict Resolution

Other highly impactful benefits of coaching with Complete Solutions in Life Mastery are developing mindfulness, expanding consciousness, and 360 awareness, as well as tapping into the infinite side of our being, intuition, spiritual gifts and more.

"By 2020 CEO’s will need to be Intuitive,
Spiritual, and Visionary Innovators."

                                                                                                                                         ~Donalee Gastreich

Imagining a Better Future?

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Executive & Leadership Mastery Programs

Executive and Leadership Mastery Plans

Offering programs designed for every level of leadership and skillset, from the basic fundamentals, to Leadership Mastery, and beyond.

Programs Designed to Actualize Your Peak Potential

Basic Fundamentals

Seeking balance, happiness and success? Struggling to find what you want out of life?    Caught up in old habits or patterns that keep you from achieving your goals and desires?  Most often the reason we have not achieved the desired results is due to our paradigms, beliefs and unconscious ways that are preventing us from moving beyond.

MASTERING M.E. provides you the fundamentals as well as growth and development of future needed skills.

Leadership Mastery

When your leadership position requires you to continual raise your standards and develop future needed skills, intuition, and creative visionary capacity THIS is WHERE you WANT TO BE.

This program may also allow you to connect with other leaders, shakers and visionaries while harnessing your leadership excellence and leading with purpose, passion, and principle.

Leadership Mastery UP-LEVELS Leaders to new heights.

 Life Mastery VIP

When you want it all and you won't settle for anything less.   When your growth and development are on the fast track and expanding consciousness is your major objective, this is your choice.   With personalized retreats, higher consciousness evoking methods and means, and 1:1 laser coaching in addition to all the features and benefits of other programs.

 Life Mastery VIP Level is the Gold Standard.

Fixed & Monthly Sessions

Basic Fundamentals - 3 Months

$3,000 Starting
  • Assessments
  • 12 weekly group calls, training & laser coaching
  • Structured format to omit blocks, paradigms, and limitation and to develop soft skills while achieving personal goals and growth for epic results.

Specific Issues - Monthly

$1,000 per Month
  • 4 personal 1:1 coaching sessions
  • 60-minute sessions
  • Calls are individual and address personal issues and growth. Available when schedule accommodates and clients have some level of mastery.

Leadership Mastery - 6 Months

$6,000 Starting
  • Assessments
  • 24 weekly group calls, training & laser coaching
  • Structured format to develop soft skills, 360 Awareness, and future needed skills while  achieving personal best.

Ultimate Life Mastery VIP - One Year

$15,000 Starting
  • Assessments
  • Weekly group calls, training, & laser coaching
  • 2 1:1 coaching calls/mo.
  • Live Accelerator Training & Weekend Retreats

Additional programs are available by request in group coaching only.

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"Thank you for the amazing and transforming last 3 months, Donalee. I am not the same man who signed up for a strategy session at your workshop a mere 4 months ago. You have reminded me of my potential and desires, I am forever grateful for your love, compassion and laser coaching. You were always spot on in working thru my paradigms. I am looking back with a grin from ear to ear. You have a special place in my heart." — Marv M.