Raising Consciousness

Leaders across the globe are seeking to invest in “Raising Consciousness”.  Many are flocking here on their own -following an inner nudge, while others need a bit of prodding and convincing.  Where are you?  Why? And . . . . What does it mean to become more conscious? I call it the progressive realization of…

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Business Success Beyond 2022

Success and Business

When Success for your organization matters . . . What do you look to address first? When things aren’t as you’d like them. . . .Where do you look first? I grew up hearing a phrase . . . “When mama ain’t happy – ain’t nobody happy”. And this was long before the song was…

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4 Mental Habits for Mastery

In this post I’ll share with you 4 Mental Habits that will bring you closer to Life Mastery, will make you smarter & more self-aware.    “Life Mastery is the knowing and understanding that success is the natural consequence of our realization of the Infinite Power within.     ~ Donalee Gastreich    The mind is…

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