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Why Responsibility matters

Responsibility is the #1 most important soft skill to master. Mastering the skill of responsibility is life changing. It will affect every area of your life and allow you to see more clearly, act with purpose, and adapt when necessary. Responsibility is being responsible, accountable and answerable for something in one’s power, control, or management.…

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I believe in free speech

My workshops and speaking engagements always begin with a title, a theme, and the main message to bring forth; and they also seem to take a path all their own. This blog is about one such moment. Most often, these moments are teaching me as much if not more than was taught to others. At…

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Surrender is not loss of control, but added support and guidance.   It’s surrendering into faith. If you are one who likes to have the feeling of control, surrender and flow can be difficult concepts to embrace. This is only because you perceive surrender as being out of control. In this message, I wish to…

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