Success and Business

Business Success Beyond 2022

When Success for your organization matters . . . What do you look to address first?
When things aren’t as you’d like them. . . .Where do you look first?

I grew up hearing a phrase . . . “When mama ain’t happy – ain’t nobody happy”.
And this was long before the song was released in Dec. 1009 by Tracy Byrd.
The meaning here is that mama ran the household; she did the cleaning, cooking, and everything required to operate a happy and healthy home. Mama was seen as the greatest asset in the home. When mama wasn’t happy – many of those things were not getting done and thus everyone was affected. Daddy coming in from a long day at work wanted a nice dinner and if mama didn’t put one on the table – well, daddy wasn’t happy either.

We can take this same adage into businesses. Lets first distinguish the greatest asset in business…What do you believe to be businesses greatest asset?
If you said its people – you are correct. So the same phrase could be said that when the employees aren’t happy, ain’t no one happy. Thus the organization is off its game, maybe struggling or suffering or both.


  • We know that the mood and attitude of an individual can spread like wild fire in an office environment.
  • We know when rumors of layoffs begin to circulate, the fear runs rampant thru the hallways.
  • We know when a bad boss displays unskillful leadership qualities it can create a virus of low moral in the office.
  • We know when a company instills new cultures and practices to acknowledge its employees we see a rise in the satisfaction and engagement within the office.


First step is always the round table discussion to acknowledge the problem, the root cause and the ideas for solutions. This allows the top executives to wrap their head around what is required and where to begin. You’ll need to know what you want, what your people want, and how to get there quickly and easily.

Let’s face it, after returning to workplaces after the disruptions of COVID, business are faced with a multitude of issues from lack of focus and follow through, to decreased productivity and stagnant creativity and innovation. And this doesn’t even address the old issues of lack of engagement, top talent and tenure. Businesses must invest in their people if they are to excel.

Disrupting old ways is most often the hardest and most challenging part of the process. Having a plan and a follow through practice is second so I would recommend contracting the help of a consultant, coach or training expert to assist in your approach. Having an overall approach conducive to all the varied learning styles, levels of awareness, and skill-sets is of the utmost importance.

There are a few reasons why hiring an outsider to organize, instruct, and lead your people can be seen as an advantage. One is often when things are not operating smoothly, employees become less likely to trust and embrace the new instruction of their leadership team (they have an inner bias of distrust) but when an outsider is heading up the project, employees are more receptive to hear them with an unbiased filter; employees are more open and receptive to what is being said.

It is critical in all change that top management is on-board and modeling the change they are bringing forth. This is key to gain buy-in from the employees.

Third is the actual process of implementing change, growth, and advancement. There are many teachers, trainers and programs that bring about change – I am not here to rule one out over another but do explore your options.

Full disclosure, I have a vested interest and focus in this topic, as I specialize in human behavior and how it impacts your success or stagnates your results.  I speak and train on Leadership Advancement and Workplace Wellness.

I’ve crafted a complete program to help you achieve the absolute best results. Using my book, Bringing Spirituality into Business, Know yourself, Grow yourself, Live Life Empowered, a Companion Workbook, and a 29-week Book Club created specifically to integrate the ‘invitation’ work at the end of every chapter to advance you in your personal growth and development journey and bring forth more of your greatness. This program was crafted and designed to connect and benefit all levels of awareness, skill sets, understanding and intelligence.  The results you’ll experience in the 7 months will astound you, we start and end with an assessment to provide a measurement of your growth and development.  Best of all is the low entry cost, making it a no-brainer investment for the entire organization, leaving no one behind.

Bringing Spirituality into Business is for organizations struggling to attract the talent they need and looking to address their dissatisfied, disengaged, and distracted employees. It’s for individuals who seek joy, peace, and personal growth in their career and life. And for those seeking advancement, greater meaning and purpose.  This book is the transformation tool that addresses both business and its people to bring positive change and increase satisfaction.

Bringing Spirituality into Business will bring focus back to what makes a business thrive; its people and the magic, talents, and significance they bring to making the organization all it is.
For business this book is your tool to end the disengagement, division, and dissatisfaction in the workplace. It’s the catalyst to revolutionize organizations ready to:

  • Improve leadership skills
  • Invest in and empower their people
  • Cultivate a people-centric culture
  • Make workplace wellness top priority
  • Provide development opportunities to encourage growth

Lastly I want to remind you that you are PROGRAMMABLE by DESIGN. I emphasize this in my book and programs with your need to engage in and master One skill, One practice, and One process which I call the ABCs to master you and your results. Advancing you is inevitable in reading this book.

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