Bringing Spirituality
into Business

For Businesses it's the game-changer for empowering your organization and employees to new levels of creativity, innovation and peak potential. For individuals it's your guide to Know yourself, Grow yourself, to Live Life Empowered.   

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Bringing Spirituality into Business

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Bring Spirituality into the business of your life, health and well-being, relationships, work, and play.

Bringing Spirituality 
into Business

Sometimes we need to try it before we buy it, I get it.  Clothes, shoes, I need to try it before I buy it.   Heck, I even like wine tasting before I decide on my selection.   SO HERE YOU GO.  

Your Free Chapter - Chapter 15 -  SQ

Spiritual Intelligence System.  It's why the book was written and also the biggest part of you.   You see you are a spiritual being - expressing consciousness through a human body.  

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Bringing Spirituality 
into Business

Get the MOST of this personal empowerment manual.  

Learn the ABC's to mastering you and your results with 

ONE skill, ONE practice and ONE process. 

Book - Bringing Spirituality into Business

Your guide to Know Yourself, Grow Yourself, to Live Life Empowered - a blueprint to discover and implement your soul's mission and goals.   Available in Print or  digital (Kindle or iBooks).

Companion Workbook

This Companion Workbook is a 100 page addition to the book.  This workbook expands on the questions in the Invitation at the end of every chapter to take you deeper into self-discovery and inner work - this is where the real growth happens.  Available in a print version or fillable PDF download

Book Club Support Circle

Weekly book club  meets on zoom to help you gain the greatest growth, support, accountability, and work implementing each chapter.

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WHY bring Spirituality into business?

SPIRITUALITY contributes to compassion, care, and concern for self, colleagues, clients, and customers.  Spirituality can benefit ones health, wellbeing, sense of self, confidence, performance, and engagement.


can promote the following:

Inner Satisfaction

Sense of self is more accurate allowing greater confidence, decision making and goal achievement.  Happiness becomes a choice and not a response to the environment .

Self Growth

Spirituality promotes a continuous growth and development mindset to naturally and automatically bring increase and prosperity.

Enhanced Coping Skills

Learning to monitor, manage and master your thoughts and emotions promotes a calm, centeredness, which builds resilience and coping skills.

Agility through Change

Enhanced ability to move through change, challenges, and difficulties with flexibility, 360 awareness, and a forward focus. 

Mental & Emotional Strength

Greater mental and emotional intelligence strengthen your coping skills and increase complex problem solving and critical thinking.

Teamwork / Productivity

Self-actualization boosts your ability to recognize anothers talent and contributions thus promoting effective team building and encourages engagement.

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Companion Workbook

Get the most out of the book with the Companion Workbook to keep all your notes, chapter work, and deepest thoughts in one place.
Go deeper into the Invitation at the end of each chapter with additional exercises and reflections.
Keep all your notes in one place encouraging your reflection and allowing the Observer to show you what needs to brought to your awareness.
Powerful affirmations with each chapter.
Transformation tool for your success.  Available in lay flat print version or fillable PDF download.  

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Book CLUB -  Empowerment Group

29 weeks of meeting together is a game changer all in itself- When you show up for the Book Club  - you commit to doing the work and are empowered by the group and your intention.  We've got your back.
Each week a host will guide you into greater understanding and application of the material. 
Each week your questions will be answered to support your growth and development. 
Small group breakouts to work personally on your development. 

JOIN a Book Club Empowerment Group. 

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For Coaches, Trainers, Managers, Leaders, and those Guiding others to Know themself, Grow themself, to Live Life Empowered.
5 weekly- 60 minute sessions providing the format for success, training on One skill, One practice, One process, deep dive in shadow work, overview of tools and practices and the last session is coaching and Q&A. 
Working with your filable PDF digital Companion Workbook and additional resources to support your groups success. 

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Winner's Circle

The benefits of a Winner's Circle are priceless.  It's your Mastermind group, Coaching call, and Power of a Peer Group all in one.  The 21st century's BEST empower tool for taking Leaders BEYOND their expectations.
Continuous personal and professional growth and development for advancing yourself in leadership, empowering self and others with greater impact, influence and income.  
Increase resilience, awareness and adaptability in our fast-paced quickly changing environment.
Monitor, Manage, and Master you and your results.  Enhance coping skills, strengthen Emotional Intelligence and tap into Spiritual Intelligence and infinite opportunity.
Mastermind group, Coaching call, Peer Group

Learn more about a Winner's Circle

Winner's Circle proclamations of benefit

Aligning my focus to work on my business instead of in my business allowed me to double my business in just 6 months.  The group, the growth, and what I gain are priceless.   

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Brian in milwalke

I use to be all in my head about things, always judging myself.  Learning to balance and utilize my 4 intelligence systems has brought me so much clarity, confidence, and how I am winning each and every week.   

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Kimberly Martinez - midwest Agent

Having a peer group with the Mastermind flair allows me to bounce my creativity and ideas off others, yes. But what I learn from others has been most rewarding.   Big gains, thank you.

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Mary Lewis, Non-profit director

I serve others in holistic readings, journeys, and healing.  I never felt confident in my work until joining the Winner's Circle.  I knew I had lots to contribute but struggled with the words and courage to speak up and share my message.   I found myself, my center, my voice and my confidence.   There is no turning back now.   Funny thing is clients are flocking to me effortlessly.  

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Summer reese - Holistic guide and practitioner

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Embracing the right tools and practices for you. 
Coaching and Q & A. 
Doing the 'work' we call "shadow work". 

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