Donalee's Bio

Donalee Gastreich is an Executive Results Coach and the CEO of Complete Solutions LLC and Complete Solutions in Marketing and Mastery.Donalee has a 30+ year track record of serving individuals and businesses. Donalee is gifted at evoking ones inner greatness while learning and growing to their peak potential.

She will take an individual, team or businesses performance to the next level, achieving measurable and repeatable results over and over again.She UP-LEVELS Leaders in Excellence, Innovation, and Creativity for continual expansion and growth both personally and professionally.

Donalee offers first-class coaching programs that begin with establishing a foundation for each client in clarifying personal and professional values as well as creating short and long term vision and goals.With quarterly assessments to confirm growth and continually re-aligning with goals for future needed skills she keeps the client well positioned for continual growth and development. Donalee is known for her practical approach, for her evocative coaching style and for promoting powerful questions and essential think time as the foundation for executive success. Donalee i san expert, she is skilled at spotting the paradigms that keep one stuck.

She has a contagious zest for life and an eagerness to share. Donalee’s story of overcoming illness and set backs inher own life is testament to the effectiveness of the principles she shares.Donalee isan inspiration and a motivation to evoking greatness in others.She brings mastery toour understanding of Mind and Emotions while harnessing our Spiritual nature in all that are.