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#1 BestSelling Author and Speaker,

Donalee Gastreich specializes in human behavior and how it impacts your success or stagnates your results.  She grew up in the “Show Me State” where proving and validating seemed common practice. Her young curiosity to what makes us all so different led her on a path of fulfilling her insatiable appetite to learn by engulfing herself in psychology, philosophy, science, quantum physics and what true well-being really is.  

She’s climbed the corporate ladder from entry level positions to top sales agent and on to business owner at Complete Solutions where she teaches the ABC’s to master you and your results.  You’ll find her boldly Bringing Spirituality into Business to ignite personal growth, creativity, innovation and the true power of human potential to take organizations soaring to new heights.

Meeting planners love her ability to rock the audience, connect with a crowd and provide training with deliverables everyone can use. Donalee’s down-to-earth relatability and humor drives the audience to laugh and learn. She’s made it her mission to help individuals and businesses – advance beyond expectations.

Donalee’s was awarded Citizen of the Year 2016, voted best Coaching Business 2018, City Council Representative 2020,  and #1 International BestSelling Author in 2022.

She loves nature almost as much as her new role of grandma.