Bigger Picture View

Since 2020 we have experienced massive change. This change is happening IN us, individually, and in our outer reality. And it is encompassing the entire planet. WE are EVOLVING. Many say these changes began in 2012 when the Mayan calendar elicited an ending of an era, bringing an end to the world as we now know it. This end is at the same time birthing our new reality, a new earth if you will.

I have always been blessed with what I call a “bigger picture view“. In my youth it presented itself often as a new awareness around old stories or cultures that were ready to advance and evolve. It showed up for me as a denial to buy into the fears of others, as if there was an inner knowing that that fear was no longer real and on the other side of it was the joy and beauty we wanted. This “bigger picture view“, as I call it, was usually kept to myself, hidden and private. I learned early on, that others thought me to be naive or stupid when I would open up to share my perspective. Turns out no one around me took me serious or thought I might know more than them. Others often looked at me as if I had 3 heads or just dropped in from another planet. After continually being discounted and dismissed, I learned to keep my thoughts to myself. That is . . . until recently.

There is no denying the awareness to all that we see. Look around at all the corruption coming to the surface, leaders stepping down, and a crumbling of the old structures.

This evolution, happening NOW, is bringing humanity back to their spiritual intelligence. Allow me to share Four Facts related to Spirituality.

  1. You are a spiritual being expressing consciousness through your human experience and story.
  2. There is a life-force energy, a power breathing life into You and every living creature on this planet.
  3. There is a unity and connectedness that you have to everyone, everything, to Universal Law, and to the wisdom and intelligence within you.
  4. You are here to grow, advance, contribute, and prosper.

During my 60+ years on this planet, I have observed mankind direct their focus and attention to the outer world. From the Industrial Revolution to the advancements in radio, TV, and now the Internet. We have become consumed with centering our focal point outward for advancements and for fulfillment. We have become obsessed with our technology and allowed it to mesmerize and intoxicate our lives. We have struggled to ‘fit in’, ‘be normal’ and ‘compete with others’, so much so, we have lost our recollection of who we are and our inner abilities and potential.

Humanity has become so detached from themselves they’ve lost their inner compass. We’ve lost access to the awareness to see ourselves clearly. We’ve lost the ability to monitor, manage, and master oneself, much less our mind and emotions. We’ve lost our balance and thus, our eternal center. We’ve lost touch with our spiritual nature, our soul, the intuition within that guides, informs and directs us through change, challenges, and the chaos we now see before us.

From my “bigger picture view“, all of this has caused massive dysfunction in the workplace. I see it as: departures (Great Resignation), disengagement and dissatisfaction (Quiet Quitting), distractions, and division amongst staff at all levels. There is not a single organization unscathed by this lack of inner awareness. Every organization will need to make the shifts to address the issues or continue to be lost in the chaos and eventually fail. I call the shift necessary, a shift to workplace wellness but you cannot leave out leadership advancement.

From my “bigger picture view“, all of humanities outward focus has left individuals both struggling and suffering with some version of the following:

  • physically sick- disease, illness, depression, anxiety, over-weight, and unhealthy
  • mentally challenged – frustration, brain fog, inability to access logic and reason
  • emotionally unstable – stressed, overwhelmed, burnt out, unhappy,
  • spiritually lost – lack of meaning, purpose, value, significance, and hope
  • work/life balance -lacking coping skills, resilience, empowerment, and focus

Being solution orientated, I see the issues at hand and hold my focus on the outcome and advancements required.  I see the Digital and Technology Revolution underway is advancing us at 10 times the rate of the Industrial Revolution and 300 times the scale. I also see very few humans advancing themselves to keep pace.

Allow me to share my “bigger picture view” from yet another direction and see if you too might be able to start to connect the dots. The dots to this amazing universe that is already orchestrating what is needed and necessary to heal and bring our earth, all people back into harmony to thrive once again.

We’ve seen a huge rise in suicides, depression, and anxiety in all ages from children to the elderly and everywhere in between. We seen our medical system trying to suppress symptoms but doing nothing to heal the mental illness. We have more sick people than ever before. We’ve pushed too far in the wrong direction and need to come back into balance.

We’ve seen a flood of coaches getting certified over the last decade. Medical Marijuana dispensaries opening, allow people to bring their healing and health issues back to natural and organic treatments. We now see a new interest in exploring the benefits of psychedelics to heal all sorts of brain related illnesses, from addiction, depression, PTSD, anxiety, OCD, dementia and more. And might I just add that the research and results coming in from the benefits of psychedelics are astounding even me – who holds this “bigger picture view” and knows that there will be many more advancements surfacing soon. Like how sound and vibration heal the brain and body; and the necessity to do the inner work to encourage and enhance the brains plasticity to open, activate new neural pathways and connections to further enhance our ability to reach new levels of peak potential, maybe even superhuman abilities, without AI enhancements.

I’ve had this “bigger picture view” for quite some time; it’s why I wrote a book and developed the book club as the program to address these problems and guide the inner work required. I know with certainty that the time is NOW for you to invest in your own evolution – you really do get to manage the rate and pace of your own advancements. Reflect a moment and look at what you’ve done over the last 3 years to invest in your growth.  Advancing PQ, EQ, IQ, and SQ is all that is required to keep pace.

And the time is NOW for organizations to invest in their people in new ways and I have crafted the fastest, easiest, and most affordable process to do this. I ask all C-Suite executives and HR departments to ask yourself what your organization has done over the last 3 years to support and assist employees through the trauma, fear, change and adjustments necessary. Next ask yourself what you’ve done to create future leaders, advance yourselves, and create a culture in your organization supportive of workplace wellness and keeping pace with the technological advancements underway.

Bringing Spirituality into Business, Know yourself, Grow yourself, Live Life Empowered is the tool to do all this and more. It is a book, book club, and powerful personal transformation path to bring ones focus back to themselves and all that they are. You’ll learn the ABCs to master you and your results. Best of all it builds and strengthens your soft skills and develops those future needed skills like complex problem solving, critical thinking and advanced creativity.

If you are not able to connect the dots as I have, join me in a book club and I’ll have you seeing the “bigger picture view” too.

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written by: Donalee Gastreich