Bigger Picture View – 2 Timelines

Bigger Picture View  – Two Distinct Timelines

We are in the midst of feeling the pressures, changes, and energies of two distinct timelines.  Yes, Two very different realities are emerging within our awareness.   It’s as if there is a battle going on within our minds.   A battle for your beliefs.   A battle for your truth.  A battle for what was, while knowing what was IS no longer. A battle for what to believe, who to trust and how to move forward.   Can you feel it?   

These two timeline are almost polar opposites.  The old ways are falling apart and crumbling before us.  WE see it everywhere and in everything…from Leaders stepping down to changes in our monetary system to personal issues and dis-ease rising, fear, worry and uncertainty causing mental and emotional unrest.  Businesses struggling to attain and retain their greatest assets that allow them to thrive and conduct business.  What’s falling apart is thinking we are separate, alone and struggling.  What no longer works is control, force, demands, micro-managing, lack of respect and disregard for another.  What’s falling away is following a herd-mentality and trusting everything as truth. What no longer works is Me, Mine and I need this or that. 

AND . . . the opposite  timeline already exists as a WE consciousness.  It’s calling us to take back our power, authority and abilities to monitor, manage and master ourselves, our health, well-being, relationships, and our results.  As WE begin to model what it looks like to Listen, Learn and Lead ourselves forward, we give others permission to do the same.  Think of this as the Banister Effect.  Once we see it being done, we know it’s possible for us too.  It’s calling businesses to rethink their practices, their culture, and their priorities.  This new timeline sees all as equals, casts no one aside, and knows that the high-tide rises all ships.   It’s about seeing the greatness in all, but we first have to see it in ourselves.  It acknowledges how much we need one another and appreciates the contributions of others.  It’s a serious GAME CHANGER for businesses, especially the early adapters.

Fact is we have OPTIONS.  From my perspective everything is showing us ONE main theme.   This theme is our own evolution.  Our own growth and advancement.  Are you on board?  We are changing. The options are simple own it and welcome it OR deny it and refuse it.  

But how are we changing?   YOU are being reminded of your own inner powers and strengths.   Specifically your 6th Sense.  Often referred to as your Intuition.   I call it your Spiritual Intelligence and talk about it in my book, Bringing Spirituality into Business.   It’s that part of you that connects to MORE of your Infinite intelligence and capacities; it connect you to your core essence .   Remember we are spiritual beings here having a human experience.  

We often dismiss the subtle little messages to turn right or call home.   We allow our thinking mind to reason away the message with “now is not a good time” or “I’ll do it later”.   Some aren’t even aware of these messages because they fly through their days on auto-pilot or unconscious to this present moment.   We have become masters at tainting today with our past memories and not allowing ourselves to actual see what is before us.  Some are so clueless to this inner voice because they have create a habit of dismissing it.

There is more that we don’t know than what we do know.

From a Bigger Picture View, I am both excited and appreciative as to  how these shifts are embracing Science, Technology, Consciousness, and Evolution.   (Allowing me to see this as both Perfect and Divine) 

Your 6th sense is being activated – like it or not.  I know it is super confusing when you are resisting what is. When you are done resisting you might ask yourself, what can I do to accept this?  How can I strengthen it?    

All are receiving the energies and we are in still the very early stages of this evolution.  Like I said some are clueless. Others curious. I am only working those being CALLED to upgrade now. I am only working with LEADERS.  I am working with those who will be leading others forward.  Entrepreneurs, business owners, C-Suite, Managers, Supervisors, HR and those that coach, advise and consult others. 

Final note if you follow astrology we have a Solar Eclipse happening at 29 degrees of Aries.  According to astrologers, this has Pluto triggering the eclipse degree and traveling back and forth between Aquarius/Capricorn with the energy of a new world order.  The Aries vision of the eclipse is ending and destroying things which have reached their expiration date to make way for evolutionary progress as represented by Pluto in Aquarius.  This kind of energy is painful, uprooting, and rather volcanic in nature.   It might be a bit of bumpy road ahead before we are able to see what you have been creating. Thus adding to the validity of these times being Perfect and Divine timing.

I have set up a multitude of ways to embrace these energies and empower you with what I call the ABC’s to master you and your results. Join me in a book club for a 29-week journey to Know yourself, Grow yourself, Live Life Empowered.  Bringing Spirituality into Business was written to serve organizations and individuals through this evolution. It teaches the ABC’s and invites you to become Self-Aware and Observe yourself and what you think, feel, and say.  The more you KNOW yourself the greater power you have to alter, shift and change things.   The more you are aware  – the more clearly you will begin to hear and integrate your 6th Sense and learn to trust your intuition.

The other way I can support you is in the WINNERs Circle -where we meet twice a month to apply your new insights into personal growth and the Solutions you are called to bring forth with those you lead.

I also host a few free resources, so do stay abreast of all my offerings at  

I only work one on one with a select few and at an investment most aren’t willing to embrace. I also highly recommend GROUP work at this time – since this evolution is happening on planet earth and for the collective; we learn best through the sharing and contributions of others. In group format others bring forth what we have not yet become aware of IN ourselves; thus opening a pathway for greater awareness and growth.    

Lastly, if you wish to sign up for future Bigger Picture Views –  Do so here.  

Here’s to your growth.  In summary we are being asked to chose a timeline.  One requires you change, bring in the new and upgrade your operating system to fully activate and engage our 6th Sense and other is hanging out in old outdated energies that promise chaos, disruptions, and dysfunction for a while still.