Awakened Awareness

What is Awakened Awareness?  

In Bringing Spirituality into Business, the reader learns that the human experience is equipped with multiple intelligence systems.  

Listing the most important and understandable ones as: 

  • PQ– Physical Body Intelligence
  • IQ – Mental Intelligence
  • EQ – Emotional Intelligence
  • SQ – Spiritual Intelligence

While the introduction to these four intelligence systems is brief and provides only an overview of each there is much to be learned as this article will begin to touch upon. 

Both PQ and IQ bring the human into what is known as Achieving Awareness.   Achieving Awareness is where strengths, weaknesses, needs, and desires are realized. It’s where the human realizes or assumes there is a gap between who they are and who they want to be.  It’s where the human concludes the need to bridge the gap between their current reality and what is desired (what they wish to achieve). This is where one sets goals and then strives to achieve them.  

Achieving Awareness alone doesn’t always get one to the results they seek.  It focuses on perception, experience, and is generally, driven by the ego. Intellectually the human knows what to do, but doesn’t always do it.  Intellectually you know what it takes to lose 20 pounds.  Mentally and physically you know what you need to do to get healthy, but do you do it?  

Limiting one’s awareness to only Achieving Awareness constricts one’s ability to expand into Awakened Awareness.  When one is open to the insight and messages that EQ and SQ provide – it’s a game changer for sure. Awakened Awareness is like shining a light on the blocks to one’s success.  It allows one to see where their emotions are ruling the moment. How one reacts to fear. It also illumines more of what you don’t know, can’t see and the programs that run behind the scenes allowing one to operate on autopilot and be unconscious in our daily activities. 

Activating Awakened Awareness is like seeing a Bigger Picture View and the detail that is playing out and connecting the dots.  It’s gaining multiple perspectives and fine tuning one’s behaviors, responses, and outcomes by empowering oneself with a higher order of intelligence that humans realize in Awakened Awareness.  Awakened Awareness is Raising Consciousness across the globe.

Humanity is at an important crossroads in their evolution.  This intersection is calling humans to tap into more of their INNER RESOURCES to fuel both Achieving Awareness and Awakened Awareness.  

Awakened Awareness, often associated with spiritual enlightenment or higher consciousness, is a state of profound understanding, inner peace, and interconnectedness with oneself and the universe. It transcends the ordinary boundaries of perception and ego, leading to a deep sense of unity and purpose. While traditionally rooted in spiritual and philosophical contexts, awakened awareness is increasingly becoming a topic of interest within the scientific community. 

Let’s take a peak at how science intersects with spirituality and consciousness, contributing to our understanding of awakened awareness:

1. Neuroscience and Altered States of Consciousness:

  • Insight: Neuroscientific studies explore altered states of consciousness, such as meditation and psychedelics, revealing changes in brain activity and connectivity. These altered states often correlate with profound spiritual experiences and awakened awareness.
  • Research: Dr. Robin Carhart-Harris of the Beckley/Imperial Research Program explained how “this effect underlies the profound altered state of consciousness that people often describe during an LSD experience. It is also related to what people sometimes call ‘ego-dissolution’, which means the normal sense of self is broken down and replaced by a sense of reconnection with themselves, others and the natural world. This experience is sometimes framed in a religious or spiritual way – and seems to be associated with improvements in well-being after the drug’s effects have subsided.”

2. Quantum Physics and Consciousness:

  • Insight: Quantum physics delves into the fundamental nature of reality, suggesting a deep interconnectedness between consciousness and the universe. Concepts like non-locality and entanglement challenge our conventional understanding of space, time, and individuality, aligning with spiritual notions of unity and interconnected consciousness.
  • Research: Physicists like Dr. David Bohm and Dr. Amit Goswami have proposed theories linking quantum phenomena with consciousness, fostering discussions about the profound implications of quantum physics on our understanding of awakened awareness.

3. Psychology and Transpersonal Psychology:

  • Insight: Transpersonal psychology explores spiritual and transcendent aspects of human experience. It acknowledges that spirituality and awakened awareness are essential dimensions of psychological well-being and self-realization.
  • Research: Psychologists like Abraham Maslow and Stanislav Grof have laid the groundwork for transpersonal psychology, studying peak experiences and spiritual awakenings. Their research emphasizes the transformative potential of spiritual experiences in personal growth and mental health.  In current findings, Dr. Lisa Miller’s research at Columbia University illuminates the transformative power of spirituality and awakened awareness on the human brain and emotional well-being. Her findings emphasize the importance of spiritual practices in fostering mental resilience, emotional stability, and a profound sense of interconnectedness, ultimately contributing to a more fulfilling life.

4. Consciousness Studies and Non-Duality:

  • Insight: Consciousness studies investigate the nature of awareness, exploring concepts like non-duality, where the boundaries between self and the external world dissolve. Non-dual awareness aligns with spiritual traditions emphasizing oneness and unity consciousness.
  • Research: Philosophers and scholars like Rupert Spira and Ken Wilber have written extensively on non-duality, bridging the gap between ancient spiritual wisdom and modern consciousness studies. Their work deepens our understanding of awakened awareness and its implications for the human experience.

5. Mindfulness and Contemplative Sciences:

  • Insight: Mindfulness practices, rooted in ancient contemplative traditions, have gained significant attention in scientific research. Mindfulness cultivates present-moment awareness, facilitating self-transcendence, emotional regulation, and spiritual insights.
  • Research: Studies conducted by institutions like the Mind & Life Institute explore the effects of mindfulness meditation on the brain and behavior. Research findings demonstrate the positive impact of mindfulness on mental well-being and spiritual experiences.

In summary, the intersection of spirituality and science, particularly in the realms of neuroscience, quantum physics, psychology, consciousness studies, and contemplative sciences, offers valuable insights into awakened awareness. As scientific inquiry continues to explore the profound depths of human consciousness, it contributes to a more holistic understanding of spirituality, fostering a bridge between ancient wisdom and modern knowledge. This interdisciplinary approach enriches our comprehension of awakened awareness, emphasizing the interconnectedness of all things and the transformative power of spiritual experience.

It is my aim to educate, engage and empower humans with more of their innate intelligence and to do so in the workplace so that we, together, can begin to amplify and unite human peak potentials, allowing one to find greater meaning and purpose through contribution.  Understanding one’s contribution and talent increases levels of satisfaction and the bottom line creating massive win/wins.  It’s through engaging in and with awareness at all levels and dimensions that humans will be able to release the patterns and habits that limit growth and advancement  As we do, we perceive the weaving of our interconnectedness and bring forth the greatest advancements to serve the greater good of all and planet earth.