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"ALL of ME"  MasterClass

...Discover our little-known method for creating  ALL your desires, fast and easy!

In this exclusive MasterClass, you'll discover a simple 3-step formula that will allow you to align with peak potential, move BEYOND blocks and limitations to actually live a life of your dreams in all areas of life.

What We'll Cover in the MasterClass

ONE SKILL, ONE PRACTICE, and ONE PROCESS that will dramatically change your life, your health and well-being,  your career, and your relationships.  You'll experience, QRT, quantum recoding technique that will ease your fears, anxiety, and  blocks.   QRT is gentle and easy as it recodes past memories and integrates them.


One Skill to master and you'll be able to spot your blocks, capture opportunities, and know when to pivot, accept or release.  This one skill allows you to be free from the chaos, control and conditionin.


ONE Practice to  bring ALL of YOU to the party to better communicate, listen, collaborate and create from a state of flow, love, harmony, and connection. Allowing you to diffuse tension and dissolve fear.


ONE PROCESS to Clear Resistance and open your receptivity, expand your capacity, and increase your creative energies to find surprising options for transformative action. Using QRT for rapid recoding and clearing. 



QRT, is the #1 method I use to clear unconscious blocks. It's the #1 method I share with business leaders, executives, and high performers.  It's done by training the brain to find and neutralize a negative unconscious memory. You don’t have to know, remember, or understand why you have a block or triggered an emotional response.   This is huge when we've been instructed that we had to talk about and relive the experience in psychotherapy.

The QRT method leverages a cutting-edge, revolutionary discovery in neuroscience that allows the brain to neutralize negative memories within seconds. 

With QRT you can unlearn and recode unwanted memories, traumas, beliefs, negative emotions within minutes. It's done by leveraging cutting-edge energy psychology, to train the brain to heal itself to support our desires and goals.

Once the brain is trained, it is instructed to neutralize specific negative memories, emotions, and patterns, and it does so within minutes.

With QRT we can find and neutralize unconscious negative and self-sabotaging patterns. It is not necessary to talk about the issue, or even remember the memories. The QRT method is quick, gentle, and effective. 

About Donalee


Donalee Gastreich

Founder, Creator, and Facilitator

In this MasterClass I will collapse time for you, giving you my last decade of work and practices in neuroscience, energy psychology, quantum physics, epigenetics, and psychology.   I'll share with you my process that allows me to tap into flow states, align with spirit, and live from a  fully embodied energy experiencing bliss, calm inner confidence and a zest for more of my rich and delicious life.  

Clearing my energy field prior to taking action using QRT has been life changing, providing an ease and quickness to my results.  

Highlights from "All of ME" MASTERCLASS

My step-by-step framework for getting you from where you are to where you want to be.    Face it, we all have a current reality and a desired reality. 
The Biggest Mistake you MAKE  and how to avoid it.
My unique method to give you the quickest and easiest path to getting you the results your desire. 
My secret resource QTR, for clearing your field and removing blocked energy or stored trauma while generating an effective recoding of your genetic code. 
Your personal alignment tool.   

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