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About Donalee

Donalee Gastreich is an Executive Results Coach and the CEO of Complete Solutions LLC and Complete Solutions in Marketing and Mastery. Donalee has a 30+ year track record of serving individuals and businesses. Donalee is gifted at evoking ones inner greatness while learning and growing to their peak potential.

She can take an individual, team or businesses performance to the next level, achieving measurable and repeatable results over and over again.  She UP-LEVELS Leaders in excellence, innovation, and creativity for continual expansion and growth both personally and professionally.

Donalee offers first-class coaching programs that begin with establishing a foundation for each client in clarifying personal and professional values as well as creating a short and long-term vision and goals.  With quarterly assessments to acknowledge growth and continually re-aligning with goals for future needed skills, she keeps the client well positioned for constant growth and development.  Donalee is known for her practical approach, for her evocative coaching style and for promoting powerful questions and essential think time as the foundation for executive success.  She brings the spiritual element into her coaching and sees infinite potential in all.  Donalee is an expert and is skilled at spotting the paradigms that keep one stuck.

She has a contagious zest for life and an eagerness to share.  Donalee’s story of overcoming illness and setbacks in her own life are a testament to the effectiveness of the principles she shares.  Donalee is an inspiration and a motivation to evoking greatness in others.  She brings mastery to our understanding of Mind and Emotions while harnessing our Spiritual nature allowing one to find their authentic Self and become the very best version of themselves.

Donalee and Sons

Donalee's Story

I have had an amazing life, filled with peaks and valleys, I’ve seen super high times and some really low times as well.   I know how easy it is to be just one thought away from an entirely different reality. How do I know? I created them and lived them. As a child, I held on to stories of unworthiness and created sad and painful memories and as an adult I created my dreams and desires and I created heartache, suffering and pain as well.

Believe me when I say that I certainly would not have described it like this when I was going through those tough times, but with greater awareness, growth and intelligence I am able to connect the dots (per say) to life’s events, why, the lessons, and the benefits.

When I was in my early twenties I knew I wanted two things – to be a mom and be in sales.    I felt an inner calling to be a mother and while I was waiting for that to unfold in my life,  I knew with certainty that I was not a good fit to sit behind a desk all day.   Diagnosed with scoliosis and feeling the discomfort and pain that sitting created, I wanted a position that allowed more mobility and variety while challenging my need for adventure.  Passionate about serving others and looking to expand my outgoing personality, I secured a position in sales.   So here in began my career and adult life.

Fast forward – divorced with three  wonderful sons, now nearly adults,  I find myself in a  traumatic time in life, with lots of stress, pain, hurt and nearly a decade of not dealing with emotions, numbing myself with food, alcohol, drugs, TV, or something else.

Three back surgeries later

A Grand-Mal Seizure

Got dropped by Cobra – No Health Insurance

Started Complete Solutions LLC

First time in my life my income was below 10,000 yearly income

And never felt more broken and damaged in all my life.

This is when the magic began again.  Wow, how life changes quickly when you are ready for the change and creating it by design. I realized I was focusing on all the things I did not like about me and my life and adopted a new mantra.

“Every day in every way I am getting better and better”

This was posted in every room in my home, office, car, etc.  Well, it wasn't long before I was on my way to being better than 100%.   I can say that the growth continues to this day and I am certain that as long as live I will strive to be the best version of myself possible.  It has been a most amazing journey to Self-Realization and Mastery.   Life is easy and simple when you understand how it works and begin to work with it, not against it.

Life really is like a puzzle, all the pieces really do fit together and we are always growing and experiencing more of who we are becoming.  My job is to be the Best Version of me possible.

From darkness to light - the unpleasant Beautiful Truth.

Since 2010, I have:

  • Gained back a healthy body and mind
  • Pain-free
  • Drug-free
  • Dealt with emotions to heal past traumas
  • Developed Emotional and Social Awareness/Intelligence
  • Developed a strong spiritual path to growth
  • Began a regular exercise commitment
  • Read hundreds of book and studied and practiced new ways, beliefs, and truths
  • Began a daily meditation practice
  • Forgiven self and others – true freedom
  • Expanding Consciousness
  • Course Study in personal development
  • Created new neural pathways to improve brain function and activity – Neuroplasticity
  • Became a certified coach, PCC and Life Mastery Consultant
  • Help Business leaders, executives, and entrepreneurs raise their standards and create new levels of success
  • Bringing Spirituality into business
  • Voted Chamber Champion, Citizen of the Year 2015
  • Coach many in finding Self, peace, and love
  • Created my own Mastermind group
  • Booked to speak to many groups, organizations,  and businesses
  • Hired a personal coach to stay on course with my life
  • Lead a guided meditation in the CIC community
  • Reached Mastery
  • Love MY LIFE

I really do love the simple treasures of life, family, friends, and fun.  Enjoying life, from dinner parties to a nature hike and everything in between.  Make it something new, someplace new and someone new and I will be delighted.  I have a love for adventure, travel, and culture.  I am passionate about my business, helping others, and creating community.

Enjoying life and helping others do the same.


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