3 Keys to Create your Reality

The Three Keys to Create Your Reality

Over thirty million people have embraced the profound teachings of “The Secret,” which unveiled the Law of Attraction and the power of manifesting dreams. Authored by Rhonda Byrne and supported by numerous visionaries, this documentary-turned-book has captivated minds worldwide. Throughout history, humanity has been entranced by the notion that we create our reality.

Do we?  Can we?  Or are we at the mercy of what the world delivers to us?


As I reflect on my life, I recall a pivotal realization from childhood: the belief that to gain acceptance, I must conform to others’ expectations.And it was this ingrained belief system that led me to question the extent to which we are influenced by external forces.   You see, I learned as a child; that others had a sense of control over me. I had to do what they wanted, like it or not, if I wanted them to be happy.  From parents, teachers, friends and siblings.   This permeated a deep error in my belief system.

Imagine the profound impact of a single erroneous belief. It has the power to shape our perceptions, behaviors, and relationships, ultimately dictating our reality. As a child, I felt obligated to the desires of others, leading me to ponder the age-old question: do I do my best to fit in or stay true to myself?

The concept of fitting in varied significantly across different facets of my life. Whether it was conforming to my grandparents’ expectations, navigating my parents’ distinct forms of control, or aligning with the norms of my peers, the theme of conformity prevailed. Yet, beneath the surface, I sensed a deeper truth awaiting discovery.

What unfolds when individuals lack the tools to navigate their conditioning?  We existed in an era where conformity was revered, and deviation was met with disdain. And it’s these practices that have permeated homes, businesses, government agencies, schools, and communities.  However, as humanity evolves, we are witnessing a seismic shift—a collective awakening to our inherent sovereignty, interconnectedness, and boundless potential.

Shift in Consciousness

The Shift in Consciousness is upon us. We are awakening to our true nature as sovereign beings, unified in our journey toward self-realization and empowerment. This writing serves as a guide to aid your personal evolution and expand your awareness of the infinite potential within and to equip you with the power to create your reality with ease.

The wisdom to be unveiled is not new; it has been echoed across numerous cultures and traditions throughout history. My own journey intersected with these timeless principles through the Three Disciplines of Personality, which I discovered via a YouTube video by Aaron Abke. Aaron’s profound insights and eloquent articulation of mystical concepts resonate deeply with me. He possesses a profound understanding of the teachings encapsulated in the Law of One, the source from which this message originates.

So, let us get into the Three Disciplines of Personality. (Personality – human aspect of self or ego)

First Discipline: KNOW THYSELF

The first discipline beckons us to remember our true essence—the divine nature that resides within each of us. When we reconnect with our inherent divinity, judgment and separation dissolve, paving the way for profound self-awareness and acceptance.

Embrace your true essence and release the false identities that hinder your growth. Shed the labels and proclamations of victimhood, lack, and separation, for they obscure your path to happiness, manifestation, and fulfillment.

Truth – you create your reality whether you embrace your true essence or the false identities.

Second Discipline: ACCEPT THYSELF

Unconditional self-love is the cornerstone of the second discipline. Embrace every aspect of yourself with compassion and forgiveness, releasing the burdens of past hurts and perceived inadequacies. Acceptance is the gateway to liberation and authentic self-expression.

Forgive yourself for viewing yourself through a lens of limitation, and embrace the boundless potential that resides within.

Truth – you create your reality whether you love and accept yourself or not.

Third Discipline: BECOME THE CREATOR

Embrace your role as a conscious creator and architect of your reality. Through self-awareness and intentional action, you possess the power to shape your destiny and manifest your desires. Take ownership of your thoughts, beliefs, and actions, be intentional, and step into your innate creative potential.  Embrace your I AM presence.

Truth – you create your reality whether you are aware and intentional or totally clueless.

Statistics show that many never realize who they truly are.  Because they get trapped by the personality and the many false identities that get exacerbated  by any one of the 10 saboteurs.  When you intentionally meet your saboteurs to learn their personality and potential you’ll know who you are not.  It’s in knowing and intercepting them that allows you to truly know your Sage and thus, Know Thyself, and unlock your inner power. 

Ready to unlock your inner power?  Join me in a complimentary “Saboteur Assessment and Mental Empowerment Session.” You’ll learn your top Saboteurs and how they obstruct your goals and progress.   Together, we’ll strengthen your mental fitness, cultivate self-command, and intercept the saboteurs that hinder your success so you can stand in your power and discover more or your potential.

Unlock your full potential and embrace the transformative power of self-awareness and conscious creation.

Created with the help of Chap GPT by Donalee Gastreich, author, speaker, and transformation expert. Donalee helps leaders activate more of their inner resources to capitalize on their strengths to minimize distractions and saboteurs so they can calmly and successfully navigate today’s uncertainty and lead with impact and integrity.

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