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Uncertainty Breeds Fear

Expansion of Human Intelligence 

The Great Divide

With all the buzz around AI, chipping humans, and robotics and automation changing the workplace there is a lot of fear and uncertainty for the future. 

I shared in the “Bigger Picture View – 2 Timelines”, from April 2023 how humanity is evolving, changing and being upgraded.  

THIS IS THE YEAR – that more of humanity learns new ways to access, interpret and act from heightened awareness and greater intuitive abilities.  I lump the heightened awareness and greater psychic strengths into the expansion of human intelligence. We can all expect greater intuitive capacities in the years to come.

2024 will beckon us to expand our perceptions.

Uncertainty breeds fear:

2024 will certainty bring more dysfunction and massively disturbing truths to our awareness.  It will also pave the way for better collaboration, unity, and harmony.  

I see businesses and organizations mixed in their responsiveness to handle the ramifications of the grossly unconscious, unskilled and ill-equip workforce. 

2024 may prove to be a challenging year for those:

  • uncomfortable with uncertainty
  • struggling mentally or emotionally
  • not living consciously present

If this is you or someone you know the best thing you can do is to engage with them, call them regularly, check in on them.  Get them out, take a walk, share some laughs, and allow them a break to experience more of life in the present moment.  

The only way out of fear is though it.   This requires a break from it so it’s not consuming you, leaving no light for imagination and curiosity to come it. 

Expansion of Human Intelligence:

In the midst of concerns about artificial intelligence, there is a simultaneous natural upgrade in human intelligence underway. This growth is marked by a heightened awareness of what truly matters and an ability to discern between distractions, lies, and manipulations. Individuals are experiencing an expansion of psychic abilities, including a greater perception of the quantum field.

Heightened senses, or “Clares,” are emerging, enabling people to read beyond the physical realm. Many are already tuning into frequencies, starting with their own and then extending to others and the quantum field. Emotions play a crucial role in reading collective energies, allowing individuals to navigate the 3rd dimensional state from a 4th dimensional awareness, and even understanding it from a 5th dimensional consciousness.

As we progress into 2024, the energies will facilitate the reading of the 3rd dimensional state from a 4th dimensional perspective. Intuition and heightened awareness are becoming the primary drivers in decision-making, signifying a transformative shift in human intelligence. While concerns about AI persist, there’s a parallel evolution unfolding, opening new potentials and capacities for those attuned to this natural upgrade in human cognition.

The Great Divide:

The great divide is indeed a complex and multifaceted issue, and its impact on various aspects of society is evident. In 2024 it will continue to separate and divide humanity in more ways than I have time to elaborate on.  Let’s delve into just a few facts and data to support your awareness of this divide and its potential impact on you, business, community, and your relationship with the world around you.

Geopolitical Divides:

  • Russia/Ukraine Conflict
  • Gaza Border Conflict

Political Divides:

    • Many countries, including the United States, have witnessed increasing political polarization, election fraud, and censoring that is only fueling a greater divide. 

Economic Divides:

    • Business Disruptions:
    • Geopolitical and political divides will lead to disruptions in international trade, affecting businesses with global supply chains. 
    • Market Volatility:
    • Uncertainty resulting from geopolitical tensions and political divides can contribute to market volatility, impacting investments and financial stability.
    • Changes in Monetary Systems

Social and Psychological Divides:

    • Cultural Divides:
    • Ideological differences can lead to cultural divides within communities and workplace; potentially fostering discrimination and intolerance.
    • Division of Justice:
    • The impact on justice is evident as political and social divides permeate democratic principles, influencing what is deemed fair and righteous and shaping the perspectives of future generations.
    • Censorship:
    • Various social media platforms are silencing their members and punishing them for sharing their point of view.  This was big in 2020 with the pandemic and continues on various topics of control. 
    • Fear Controls:
    • Living in times of uncertainty and division contributes to heightened stress, anxiety, and fear among individuals.  Thus leading to mental instability, increase in disease and deaths.
    • Individual Beliefs Challenged:
    • Increased polarization challenges individual beliefs and values, leading to internal conflicts and identity crises.

The great divide is a pressing issue with far-reaching consequences as we will see in 2024. Raising awareness, fostering understanding, and advocating for constructive solutions are crucial steps in addressing the challenges posed by these divisions.

2024 is a year to access, interpret, and act from your advanced human intelligence, psychic strengths, and abundant inner resources.

I am committed to helping you go further faster.  Welcome to being lucid in your evolution. 

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