Unlock your Inner Power and tap into the next level of Human Performance




Specializing in human behavior and how it

impacts your SUCCESS or stagnates your Results.

There is GREATNESS in YOU and Donalee aims to help you find it. Donalee Speaking on Flow

Signature Talks that Educate, Engage, and Empower

Complete Solutions is boldly Bringing Spirituality into Business

to ignite personal growth, creativity, innovation, and the

true power of human potential to take

organizations soaring to new heights.

 Leadership Development and Workplace Wellness Training 

Speaking to Empower Greatness

The PreRequisite-2

Leadership Advancement and Workplace Wellness

Great leaders have a vision, set direction and empower others in a shared vision.  Today's leadership mandates mastering ones ability to listen, connect, impact and empower others.

Today, leaders are investing in their professional development, higher consciousness, and spiritual growth.

Organization making Workplace Wellness a top priority has the capacity to create win/win/wins.

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Bringing Spirituality into Business

Bringing Spirituality into Business is revolutionary and transformational. The author brings you on a journey to Know Yourself, Grow Yourself, to Live Life Empowered and guides you every step of the way.

Donalee implores businesses to put this book in the hands of every employee and convene weekly to educate, engage, and empower one another.

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Rising with Resilence

Resilience is that inner drive and determination. It's that desire to get back up, dust yourself off and prepare yourself to move forward inspite of challenges, upsets, and things not working out as planned.

Several things are necessary to keep on Rising with Resilience. Empower yourself and your team or group with the tools required when your coping skills have been spent, your drive has been disrupted and your determination is not to be found.

There is Greatness in YOU.


My Gift to you is a complimentary discovery session.

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